The ISPRS Geospatial Week 2017

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VISA Information

F/L Visa

We suggest that you apply for L-type Chinese visa since the procedure is brief and simple. You can get your Chinese vise much sooner.

L Visa:

Please refer to 

F Visa: 

This type of visa is not provided for students. The procedure is much more complicated and cost much more time. You have to provide following things to us at first:

1. The clear scanning copy of your passport, 

2. CV in detail (including education background and working experience with specific begin-and-end date),

3. Your specific planned entry date, 

4. Your specific schedule in China,

5. How many days you will stay in China,

6. In which country you will apply for the Chinese Visa,

7. Your specific contact information (address, mobile & e-mail, etc.)

8. Digital full-faced photo took in latest six months

(in the ”.jpg” file, less than 200KB, more than 100 pixels both in length and width, white background).

And then, we send you the invitation letter from Chinese Official Organization and this letter will help you to apply for F-type visa. 

(please refer to )