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RTC 2018

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The Real-Time Communications industry has experienced explosive growth this year as many innovative Real-Time use cases have taken the market by storm. Take the overnight success of HQ Trivia which combines video broadcasting with gamification and real-time interaction between the host and hundreds of thousands of players. HQ has inspired a whole new industry which is now finding ways to monetize RTC building blocks by combining live broadcasting, social media, games, e-commerce and more. Additional use cases for RTC are showing up in education, AI, AR, IoT, autonomous vehicles, finance, security, and corporate communication; all of which are driving companies to upgrade their platforms to meet the expanding needs of the marketplace. As the WebRTC standards have unified the browser, IOS and Android are stretching the ways in which RTC is integrated.

Join us for RTC 2018 and explore the countless ways companies are expanding their footprints through the use of RTC. We are bringing together some of the brightest minds in the industry which includes video and audio and product innovations experts from Google, Facebook, Netflix, Github, Unity, HQ Trivia, Momo, Huajiao Live, Toutiao, Perfect World, VIPKID, Hujiang and more. Join the 2,500 developers and product owners from around the globe as they share their viewpoints on how Real-Time Communications technology will define the future.

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RTC 2018
RTC 2018
RTC 2018
RTC 2018
RTC 2018
RTC 2018
RTC 2018
RTC 2018
Guests Founder & CEO
Former CCtalk CEO
Father of WebRTC Standard participant of IETF
Slack Staff Engineer
Mozilla Lead WebRTC Engineer
Atlassian Chief Video Architect
Hua Jiao TV CTO
Hao Wei Lai CTO
Panda TV CTO
AVS Audio&Test; Group Co-Chair
Google Chrome Media Video Encoding Software Engineer
09:00 -12:00
Summit forum

The Real-Time internet industry has experienced explosive growth this year as a wide variety of use cases emerged which are significantly increasing user engagement through the use of RTC. Take the explosive growth of HQ Trivia which gives users an opportunity to interact with the host and other users at the same time. From sharing in-game experiences to peer to peer video, RTC is as an essential way to provide interaction and engagement for users. In addition, combining WebRTC into the mainstream RTC has increased adoption across platforms. H265, VP9 and AV1 now expand how more business are able to promote improved communication across platforms. Join industry leaders for an interactive discussion on the future of RTC.

14:00 -17:30
Real-time interaction architecture session

Behind every innovation scenario is RTC technology practice and innovation. Behind the livestreaming quiz is a combination of a high-simulation signaling system with millions of people and Real-Time interactive live broadcasting technology; behind the online catching dolls is the deep integration of the physical doll handling system and interactive livestreaming technology and even AR; behind PTBG team-fighting voice is hundred-people channel and stereo listening technology. In this session, we will invite technology masters to explain how to build a scenario solution and how to explore emerging areas such as social networking, games, live streaming, smart hardware, IoT, AR and VR.

14:00 -17:30
Codec technology session

Audio codec is the foundation of Real-Time audio and video communication, and it is a subject with high threshold. In the past year, in addition to H.264, VP8 and VP9, video codec has seen more and more H.265 commercial cases. Does this mean that low-bandwidth 4K and 8K ultra-high-definition video will quickly become the new reality? This session is hosted by industry experts in; audio/video codec technology, and experts from the Codec Standards Committee which will interpret the status and future of major codecs.

14:00 -17:30
Artificial intelligence in RTC session

Artificial intelligence is one of the hottest topics in the field of RTC technology. Academics, businesses and political leaders recognize this as one the fastest growing segments in the marketplace. In many fields such as image and video recognition, natural language processing and voice recognition..artificial intelligence is delivering significant technological breakthroughs which have many use cases. This session is hosted by international experts in artificial intelligence and machine learning, as well as audio/video masters; which will discuss how artificial intelligence integrates with video processing, improves communications, and analyses real-time data related to RTC.

09:00 -12:00
Summit forum overseas session

In the past year, 5G network facilities have been enhanced, commercialization of 5G technology is just around the corner, WebRTC is maturing and recommendation standards 1.0 were formally released. In addition, two video coding compression technologies, H.265 and VP9, have become commercially accepted and now deliver 4K and or 8K which has triggered the rapid evolution of RTC technology as the most important driving force for the explosion of Real-Time interactive use cases. This session hosted by global RTC technology leaders, brings you the academic and industry perspectives on RTC.

14:00 -17:30
Interactive Gaming

Since 2016, the mobile game industry has unleashed explosive growth around the globe. The entry of new capital and thousands of gaming entrepreneurs has made the entire mobile game market explode. So how is the real-time interaction in mobile games constructed? FPS and MOBA class battle voices are typical scenes. In this session, we bring to experts from around the globe to discuss. If your a developer, channel partner, and or a distributors in the game industry, this is the session for you.

14:00 -17:30
Backend architecture and transmission session

With the widespread adoption of RTC technology, more and more innovative business use cases continue to spring up, and the design and transmission of back-end architecture has been confronted with new challenges. HQ Trivia live streaming gameshow is one of the big hits in 2018, and its characteristic of high instantaneous concurrency brings new challenges to the system architecture. The Real-Time interaction use cases for users distributed in poor network areas put forward higher requirements to weak network transmission and anti-lost packet technology. This session includes senior experts in back-end architecture, who will share the challenges behind the architecture design and provide real world solutions.

14:00 -17:30
RTC big front-end application session

New popular technologies such as 3D, AR, VR, IoT, holography and intelligent hardware are springing up, and they require richer functional components to create more RTC application scenarios without affecting power consumption. This session is hosted by global RTC application development experts who will share the practical experience in the big front-end technology including the deep integration of the RTC with AR suites released by Google and Apple. From iOS to Android, real-time communication and interactive live broadcasting on the applet platform will be covered during this session.

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Date:  2018-09-07 09:00 ~ 09-08 18:00
Location:   长城饭店, Chaoyang, Beijing
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