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2018 Global Graphene Developer Conference

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2018 Global Graphene Developer Conference

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2018 Global Graphene Developer Conference

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Graphene is a toolit or technology for real-time blockchains created by Daniel Larimer, who developed influential projects based on this framework including Bitshares, Steem, EOS.Many other famous blockchain projects such as YOYOW, Gxshares,Peerplays,Cybex, Decent,MUSE,Ark,Scorum,Crypviser,Karma,Payger,ECHO,SEER are also based on this framework.

Graphene DevCon is the world's leading conference for blockchain developer and developer marketing practitioner.

RECAP (2018 China Graphene Developer Conference)


On January 21st, more than 12 speakers from fabulous blockchain projects including Bitshares, Gxshares, Cybex, Decent,gave speeches in conference, 400+ attendees, discussed the future of graphene technology.


Attendees             : 1000+.

Time                : 5th- 6th, May, 2018.

Venue                    Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel Shanghai

Attendees               Graphene technology developer, blockchain developers,blockchain enthusiasts

Conference format keynote speech + roundtable

Organizers            : Blockchain Centre China/GDEX

Founder of GDEX Committee Member of BitShares
CEO of Cryptonomex
CEO and co-founder of OpenLedger ApS / Committee member of Bitshares
Official Public Face and sole Spokesperson of the BitShares Blockchain
Founder of hellobts
Founder and CEO of OracleChain
CCO of Crypviser GmbH
Blockchain Team Leader of DasCoin
Senior Blockchain developer of DasCoin
Co-founder and CEO of
CTO of Magicwallet
CEO, Gravity Protocol
Head of Research, Gravity Protocol
Founder and CEO of DECENT Foundation Co-founder of ALAX
CTO of Blockchain Projects
Coordinator of BitShares Core Team
Founder and CEO of GXS
Founder of Peerplays
BitShares Core Developer
Founder and CEO of Payger
CTO of OpenLedger BitShares witness OpenLedger-dc
Committee Member of BitShares Co-founder of YOYOW
Researcher of blockchain technology
CTO of Scorum
Developer of BitShares UI team
Founder of EOS Gravity
Committee Member of BitShares Committee Member of Waterdrip Capital
Technical geek
Co-founder and CTO of Bottos
Founder of UnlimitedIP program, CEO of Link Entertainments Technology
Founder and CEO of Chaince Trading Platform
Co-Founder of EOS Cannon Founder Director of @BYSTAKE “胖哥说币”blogger owner
Founder of Winex Co-founder of Token++ wallet
Founder of
Witness of BitShares, Evangelist


Founded in Suzhou in Jan. 2018, and as an important part of the leading multi-national enterprise, Blockchain Global, 
BlockGeek is a Blockchain education company with the vision to building the ecosystem of the Blockchain talents and 
accelerating the adoption of the Blockchain technology. We work with academic experts and industry specialists to 
provide online and offline Blockchain courses for developers, entrepreneurs and all industries. We also run Blockchain 
Centre in China, the world’s first nonprofit Blockchain knowledge hub launched in Melbourne, Australia in 2014 and now 
expanded around the world.


GDEX is a decentralized digital asset exchange based on bitshares, created by Mr. bitcrab. GDEX offers a stack of financial services including exchange and banking on a blockchain.



Blockchain Centre is the world’s first not-for-profit education and knowledge center focusing on blockchain technology. From its establishment in 2014, it has been devoting itself to the education and promotion of blockchain technology on a global scale. It has set up partnerships in Australia, China, the United States Malaysia and Lithuania. The centre works hand-in-hand with industries . Its incubation plan has incubated and invested in more than 50 blockchain start-ups and joint ventures.


The world’s leading all-in-one blockchain solutions company, Blockshine exists for one simple purpose: make the best blockchain applications open and accessible to all. We focus on providing holistic solutions and consulting services for project development of Blockchain-related technology, blockchain applications and cryptocurrency exchanges. With rich industry resources, we offer data research and analysis to tailor-make IP development, operation and brand management for our clients, which will ultimately help them maximize their business value and brand influence.


Bitask( a question and answer platform for blockchain/cryptocurrency


Bihu is a blockchain-based platform for crypto investors to share and obtain token-investment-related information. It is a combination of Reddit、Steem and Weibo, where KOLs、Blockchain Projects and crytpo investors can settle.


"Shared Finance" ( was founded in 2015, which is a seasoned media firm in cryptocurrency / blockchain industry based in Shanghai. Company provides comprehensive service included crypto news, investment and financing by its web portal , new-media channel "Blockchain Fin-Tech" and its SL Index mobile application. Currently Shared Finance reached 100,000+ users and brought significant impact both in crypto and mainstream finance field, service provided by company is recognized by market and well respected by industry.

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2018 Global Graphene Developer Conference
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2018 Global Graphene Developer Conference
2018 Global Graphene Developer Conference
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2018 Global Graphene Developer Conference
2018 Global Graphene Developer Conference
2018 Global Graphene Developer Conference
2018 Global Graphene Developer Conference



Contact :Linda Tian

Tel         :+86 158 5146 1956


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Date & Location
Date:  2018-05-05 09:00 ~ 05-06 18:00
Location:   Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel, Pudong New Area, Shanghai