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the Beijing International School Expo 2017

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the Beijing International School Expo 2017

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the Beijing International School Expo 2017

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2017 Beijing International School Expo

Feb. 18 Sat. -  Feb. 19, Sun, 2017

Crowne Plaza Beijing Chaoyang U-Town

The Beijing International School Expo (BISE) is the city's largest gathering of international schools with the benefit of helping families choose better education options. It is organized and promoted by the city's most prominent media platform targeting international families: beijingkids (English) and JingKids (Chinese).

Starter's Scholarships
This year's BISE will also feature an on-site scholarship competition: a drawing competition (for younger kids) and an essay-writing competition (for older students). Winning entrants will be publicly recognized, have their work published in our magazine, and walk away with cash to help offset the cost of school. This is the perfect opportunity to let your child shine! To learn more about the Starter's Scholarships, including details on eligibility, click here.

Videos of past BISE

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Latest confirmed school list

Confirmed Full-time Schools and kindergartens

  1. 北京市鼎石学校 Keystone Academy
  2. 北京市私立汇佳学校 Huijia Private School
  3. 北京加拿大国际学校 Canadian International School of Beijing (CISB)
  4. 北京耀中国际学校 Yew Chung International School of Beijing (YCIS Beijing)
  5. 耀华国际教育学校 Yew Wah International Education School
  6. 北京英国学校 The British Schools of Beijing (BSB)
  7. 艾毅幼儿园 Ivy Schools
  8. 启明星双语学校 Daystar Academy
  9. 海德京华国际双语学校 Hyde Academy
  10. 好思之家学校及幼儿园 House of Knowledge
  11. 伊顿国际双语幼儿园 Etonkids International Bilingual Kindergarten
  12. 常春藤国际学校 Beijing Collegiate Academy(BCA)
  13. 赫德学校 HD Schools
  14. 君诚国际双语学校 Springboard International Bilingual School
  15. 海嘉国际双语学校 Beijing International Bilingual Academy  (BIBA)
  16. 北京凯文学校 Beijing Kaiwen Academy
  17. 北京市新英才学校 Beijing New Talent Academy
  18. 力迈中美(国际)学校 Limai Chinese American (International ) School (LCAIS)
  19. 青苗教育集团 Beanstalk Education Group
  20. 北京乐成国际学校 Beijing City International School (BCIS)
  21. 凯斯国际幼儿园 Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy
  22. 清华附中国际部 Tsinghua International School
  23. 清华附中国际学校 Tsinghua University High School International
  24. 培德书院 Peide School
  25. 北京天悦国际学校 JOY EL International Academy
  26. 艾荷美国际日托中心 iHommy International Daycare
  27. 北京爱迪学校 AIDI School
  28. 北京四中国际校区暨佳莲学校 Beijing No.4 High School International Campus (JiaLian School)
  29. 北京王府学校 Beijing Royal School
  30. 中央音乐学院鼎石实验学校 Central Conservatory Preparatory School
  31. 北京师范大学亚太实验学校 Asia-Pacific Experimental School of Beijing Normal University
  32. 北京市第八十中学 Beijing No. 80 High School
  33. 北京市第五中学分校·大厂分校 The Branch of Beijing No.5 Middle School Dachang Branch
  34. 黑利伯瑞国际学校 Haileybury International School
  35. YSAU英圣艺术联盟学校 Ying Sheng Art School
  36. 博识梦飞幼儿园 Muffy’s International Kindergarten
  37. 北京外国语大学国际课程中心 BFSU International Course Centre
  38. 北京市中芯学校 Beijing SMIC Private School
  39. 明悦教育 Aurora Academy International
  40. 橄榄国际学校 Olive International School
  41. 北京市山谷学校 Beijing Valley International Academy
  42. 鸿誉学校 Innova Academy
  43. 伦敦艺术大学北京预科 Beijing Academy of Creative Arts(BACA)
  44. 北京凯博外国语学校 Camford Royal School
  45. 康福国际教育 Camford Education
  46. 加拿大布兰克森女子学院韩国  济州岛 Branksome Hall Asia
  47. 北京圣保罗美国学校 Saint Paul American School
  48. 孔裔国际公学 Confucius International School
  49. 美国春之路中学 Spring Street International School
  50. 美国北松学院 North Cedar Academy
  51. 北京潞河国际教育学园 Lu He International Academy
  52. 美国威力塔斯学校 U.S.A. Veritas Prep School
  53. 北京临川学校国际部 Beijing Linchuan School Internatinal Section
  54. ECA国际学院 International Academy in ECA
  55. 北京京西学校瑞士部Swiss School Beijing
  56. 莱佛士设计学院 Raffles Academy Beijing
  57. 英国高尔中学 Gower College Swansea
  58. 道尔顿学院-北大附中 Dalton Academy – The Affiliated High School of Peking University
  59. 北京市第八中学怡海分校国际校区 Beijing No.8 High School Yihai Campus International Department
  60. 北京市二十一世纪国际学校 Beijing 21st Century  International School
  61. 北京市新府学外国语学校 Beijing Xin FuXue International Academy

Confirmed afterschool&others

  1. 范迪信国际教育 Foundation Global Education
  2. 岩实学院 Galenite Academy
  3. 北京新航道学校 Beijing new channel school
  4. ACG国际艺术教育 Art & Creativity Global
  5. 桥吧国际教育 IQbar International Education
  6. 北京汉通国际教育 Hantong International Education
  7. 北京童行天下信息咨询有限公司 KidsBang Training International
  8. 励步英语 FirstLeap
  9. VIPKIDS 美国小学在家上
  10. 久宇思国际教育 Go Youth Global Education
  11. 万科V-Link Vanke V-Link
  12. 拓达夏令营 Touchdown Summer Camp
  13. 北京康联环宇国际文化交流中心 Global Canlink Learning Center
  14. YESSAT
  15. 樱知叶教育集团 Beijing Kentrexs Enterprise Ltd.
  16. 北京市鼎石暑期学校 Keystone Summer Archway
  17. PEC慧德嘉源教育 Prestige Education Centre
  18. DDC 天乐勤教育 Diligence & Delight Learning Center
  19. 瑞思学科英语旗下在线美国中学课程 RISE UP
  20. 营天下 51camp
  21. 美国栋梁教育 Cornerstone Education
  22. 城塾地产 Metro Academy Real Estate
  23. 北京康联信远投资咨询有限公司 Beijing Canlink Investment Consulting
  24. 太平洋加达移民 Can-Reach (Pacific)
  26. 北京新东方学校 Beijing New Oriental School
  27. 启行营地教育 IDEAS

Kids area

  1. 北京青苗国际双语学校 Beanstalk International Bilingual School
  2. 北京市私立汇佳学校 Huijia Private School
  3. 艾毅幼儿园 Ivy Schools
  4. 地中海俱乐部 Club Med
  5. 极速壁球俱乐部 UTMost Squash Club
  6. 品墨书画教育 Pinmo Art
  7. 融尚生活方式顾问(北京)有限公司 Shanglearning





Starter's Scholarships

This year's BISE will feature an on-site competition whereby 12 talented children will get cash for school as well as have their work published in beijingkids and JingKids magazines.

Our Starter's Scholarships  awarded on the basis of a drawing competition (for younger kids) and an essay-writing competition (for older students) – are an opportunity to let your child shine.

Winning entrants will be publicly recognized, have their work published in our magazine, and walk away with cash to help offset the cost of school. It's a scholastic achievement your kid can be proud of.

To be eligible, families only need to meet the following criteria:

1. In the Fall of 2017, your child is expected to be:

  • Enrolling in a Beijing kindergarten/First Grade for the first time;

  • Enrolling in a Beijing middle/high school for the first time (5th, 6th or 7th grade);

  • Transferring to a different Beijing school (any grade).

2. Register in advance for the BISE

3. Come to the BISE and complete a drawing (for children entering 4th grade or below) or a short essay (5th and up) on their own, without parental assistance.

The themes for the contests will be announced on-site at the event.

Children will be free to work on their drawing/essay anytime during the two-day event in a special supervised, cordoned-off area while you explore school choices at the over 60 schools exhibiting over the two-day event.

Here's an overview of the scholarships we're giving away:

Primary School Starter Scholarship (Entering Kindergarten or First Grade)
First Place: RMB 5,000
Second Place: RMB 3,000
Honorable Mention: RMB 1,000
Honorable Mention: RMB 1,000

Secondary School Starter Scholarship (entering 5th, 6th or 7th grades)
First Place: RMB 5,000
Second Place: RMB 3,000
Honorable Mention: RMB 1,000
Honorable Mention: RMB 1,000

Transfer Scholarship (Entering any K-12 grade)
First Place: RMB 5,000
Second Place: RMB 3,000
Honorable Mention: RMB 1,000
Honorable Mention: RMB 1,000


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2017 BISE Registration-Saturday
2017-02-19 16:00
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the Beijing International School Expo 2017Time:10:00 ~16:00


Location:朝阳悠唐皇冠假日酒店Crowne Plaza Beijing Chaoyang U-Town