Shanghai Family's 9th International School Expo 2019-"Shanghai Family" International Arts Festival

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Shanghai Family's 9th International School Expo 2019-"Shanghai Family" International Arts Festival

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About Shanghai Family's International School Expo 2019

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As a multimedia platform focusing on global education, The International School Expo is a series of fun and educational activities that we hold every year. It aims to provide the latest international education information for families and make it easier to choose a suitable school for their children.

Having successfully held eight school expos previously, involving over 10,000 Shanghai family attendees, we are proud to announce confirmed details for our ninth school expo. We have invited Shanghai international schools, bilingual schools, kindergartens and people connected with the educational sphere to come and share information, advise you on curriculums, and generally be on hand to answer any of your questions. Furthermore, children can meet current and prospective students, make new friends, and have fun participating together!


Shanghai Family's 9th International School Expo


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"Shanghai Family" International Arts Festival

The "Shanghai Family" International Arts Festival is a brand new event brought to you by Shanghai Family, Parents&Kids and HuMaNiuWa. This event aims to provide a platform for all students in Shanghai to express themselves in front of the community and to create an opportunity for children to learn and experience multiple international arts. By celebrating the arts of our community together, children of Shanghai get to learn about other cultures while also realizing their artistic dreams. We welcome all students and families to come and join us!


Process of Register:

  • Click "register" to fill in the registration information

  • Participants wishing to register for individual performances/ institution performances should send their performance video/link to editor@shfamily.com before September 19th, along with this information: "School, Grade, Names of all performers, Performance types, Name of performance and Telephone number", such as: Shanghai Fushan Foreign Language Primary School, Betty, Folk dance, Floraland, 130********".

  • Once selected, we will send a formal invitation to chosen participants before September 30th, so it is essential that all your contact information is correct. 


  • Open to students living in Shanghai aged from 3-18 years.  

  • In addition to the live audio and microphones, any instruments or equipment required for the performance must be provided by the participant.

  • For more information, please follow our official WeChat 《HuMaNiuWa》, ShanghaiFamily and Parents&Kids.

  • The final interpretation of this event belongs to "HuMaNiuWa", ShanghaiFamily and Parents&Kids.

Events Awards:

First Prize: 1 winners, RMB 3000 per winner

Second Prize: 2 winners, RMB 2000 per winner

Third Prize: 3 winners, RMB 1000 per winner

Recognition Award: 5 winners, RMB 300 per winner


October 13th, 2019, 10:00~17:00


THE PLACE, No.100, Zunyi Road, Changning Dictrict, Shanghai



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