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16th International Family Day 2019 – Eco Show :  Love Our Oceans, Protect Our Future..

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16th International Family Day 2019 – Eco Show :  Love Our Oceans, Protect Our Future..

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16th International Family Day 2019 – Eco Show :  Love Our Oceans, Protect Our Future..

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About Family Day

‘Family Day’ is one of the brand’s most important events of the year and has been successfully running for 16 years. Since its conception in 2003, Shanghai Family Day has become the biggest international family event in Shanghai, attracting thousands of local and expat families to come and participate in different activities, learn about other cultures, make new friends, and most importantly to have fun!



16th International Family Day 2019 – Eco Show

Love Our Oceans, Protect Our Future


Our brand believes that we have a responsibility to do what we can to help families become more eco-minded.

As future leaders of our world, our children’s awareness of environmental issues is crucial to human survival.

Through this event, we hope that all children can develop a passion for protecting nature, our environment, and our oceans, while cultivating their exploratory spirit and hands-on skills.

Event Purpose:Students from Shanghai international, bilingual and kindergarten schools will be invited to come and participate in our Eco Show. By engaging their imagination through different activities and arts, we hope to raise student awareness of global environmental issues and help them to understand the importance of protecting our world.

Eco Show Highlights:Eco-friendly projects exhibition, sustainable clothing show with introduction speeches, second hand book exchange, and a whole lot more eco-related fun!

Eco Show Outline:The Eco Fashion Show will include a show for school groups and a show for families.

Follow-on Halloween Party:Students and families that are nominated for our final selections and awards will be invited to a Halloween party that will take place on October 31 at the Kerry Centre.


1. Little Eco-Warrior- Eco Show

Project Requirements:

  • Submitted works should reflect the theme of marine environment protection.

  • Projects will be divided into performances and pieces for display. Pieces for display will be part of the exhibition but will not be part of the show. Performances will be in both the exhibition and the show.

  • A 150-word description of the work should be provided upon registration.

  • Recyclable items can be used as work materials such as: old newspapers, plastic bottles etc. Dry refuse such as: shells, branches, food packaging bags etc. Household waste such as: petals, pumpkins etc. And items classified as ‘hazardous waste’ such as: nail polish, batteries, LED lights etc. In addition to recyclable/ raw materials, bonding materials that are used in the production should be eco-friendly as well.

  • Click to view the materials that can be used for the event (for reference only).

  • 16th International Family Day 2019 – Eco Show :  Love Our Oceans, Protect Our Future..Reference - Material checklist and inspiration ideas.doc

  • Final selections will be chosen based on the practicality, eco-friendliness, creativity, and aesthetics of the work. 

  • Individual applications or group applications will be accepted.

Process of Registering:

  • Click "register" to fill in the registration information

  • Participants wishing to register for individual performances/ institution performances should send their performance video/link to before September 19, along with this information: "School, Grade, Names of all performers, Performance types, Name of performance and Telephone number", such as: Shanghai Fushan Foreign Language Primary School, Betty, Singing, Earth Song, 130********".

  • Once selected, we will send a formal invitation to chosen participants before September 30, therefore it is essential that all your contact information is correct.

Registration Notes:

  • Registration can be divided into school registration, individual or group registration, and institutional registration. The screening results of registration should be based on the receipt of formal invitations. 

  • In addition to the live audio and microphones, any instruments or equipment required for the performance must be provided by the participant.

  • The age limit for applicants is from 3 to 18 years old and should be enrolled in an international school, bilingual school, bilingual kindergarten, international high school or an institutional school within Shanghai. 

  • All participants will be awarded a “Defender of the Environment” certificate issued by Xinmin Evening News, HUMANIUWA and Shanghai Family/Parents&Kids. 

  • The final interpretation of the event belongs to organizers. 

  • Parents can get more information by following the HUMANIUWA, Shanghai Family and Parents&Kids’ official WeChat accounts. 


2. Second Hand Book Exchange -'Little' Eco-Warrior

By exchanging as opposed to purchasing books, children learn the value of reusing and how this can have a positive impact on the environment. Through this second hand book exchange, we hope to inspire more children to develop a love of literature and to become more eco-minded.


  • This event is for exchanging not for purchasing. Purchasing will not be allowed on site. 

  • Exchanged books must be either bilingual or written in English

Process to Register for 16th International Family Day 2019

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Saturday, October 26, 2019(10:00am~5:00pm)


Kerry Parkside:No. 1155, Fangdian Road, Pudong District, Shanghai



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Date & Location
Date:  2019-10-26 10:00 ~ 17:00
Location:   Kerry Parkside, Pudong New Area, Shanghai