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P4 China 2019 4th International Precision Medicine Convention

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P4 China 2019 4th International Precision Medicine Convention

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P4 China 2019 4th International Precision Medicine Convention

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Conference Background

With the emergence of single-cell sequencing technology, precise application of immunotherapy, huge biomedical data and various new biomarkers, "P4 China 2019 4th International Precision Medicine Convention" will be upgraded on the basis of rich experience successfully held in the past three years.

More than 80 leading entrepreneurs, scientists and medical researchers will be invited to share multi-disciplinary research, analysis and mining of big biomedical data and application of artificial intelligence, early screening and early diagnosis of diseases, Immuno-Oncology and clinical individualized medicine in four special forums, which will bring about an ideological collision between industry, university and hospital.

Major participants

hy03.pngHot spots you shall not miss:

  • Focusing on recent advances in the research and translation of tumor microenvironment, heterogeneity and intestinal microorganisms by multi-omics and single-cell sequencing technology;

  • Following up the application, development and application of cutting-edge biological diagnosis and liquid biopsy technology in accurate screening and early diagnosis of diseases;

  • Exploring the best practice of precision diagnosis and treatment of tumor immunotherapy, targeted drugs and comprehensive treatment;

  • Discussing data mining, standardized platform construction and sharing strategies under big data and AI technology.

Major participants:

l Government regulator

l Hospitals: clinical, pathological, laboratory, pharmacological and research centers

l Research institutes: medicine, life sciences, bioinformatics, pharmacology

l Detecting and diagnostic enterprises: ICLs, IVD, gene testing and sequencing

l Instruments and equipment, raw materials and consumables, information service providers

l Investment institutions

Forum structure
Keynote Forum (December13)            
  • International Precision Medical Policies, Regulations and Implementation Progress

  • Academician's Opinionsand Study on Precision Medicine in Globe

  • International and Domestic Sharing of Breakthrough Technologies in Precision Medicine

Forum 1: Multi-Omics and Biomarker Research Forum (December 13-14)

  • Exploring the latest technology and application of single-cell sequencing

  • Discovery and Research Progress of Biomarkers and Targets

  • Exploring research hotspot of Intestinal microbiome, genomics, phenoomics, proteomics and metabolomics, etc.

Forum 2: Development Forum of Precision Early Screening and Early Diagnosis Technology (December 13-14)

  • Policy Trends and Registration RequirementsforIVD Products

  • LeadingDevelopment and Application of Liquid Biopsy

  • Development and Application of Innovative Diagnostic Technology in Precise Early Screening and Early Diagnosis

Forum 3: Forum on Individualized Drug Use and Treatment of Cancer (December 13-14)

  • Sharing the precise research and development of immunotherapy drugs and cell therapy

  • Exploring the application of biomarkers and pharmacogenomics in individualized medicine

  • Application of FrontierDiagnostic Technology in Individualized medicine

Forum 4: Biomedical Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Forum  (December 14)

  • Exploring the Standards and Standards for the Construction and Sharing of Biomedical Big Data at Home and Abroad

  • Development and Application of Tracking BigData/Artificial Intelligence Technology in Gene Detection

  • Exploring the Integration and Mining of Multi-Omics, Pathological and Clinical Big Data

Past reviews Past reviews
P4 China 2019 4th International Precision Medicine Convention
P4 China 2019 4th International Precision Medicine Convention
P4 China 2019 4th International Precision Medicine Convention
P4 China 2019 4th International Precision Medicine Convention
P4 China 2019 4th International Precision Medicine Convention
P4 China 2019 4th International Precision Medicine Convention
Member of the American Academy of Sciences, the American Academy of Engineering and the American Academy of Medicine, Co-founder and Professor,Institute for Systems Biology
Dr. Leroy E. Hood graduated from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in 1964 with an MD and from Caltech with a PhD in biochemistry in 1968. After three years as a Senior Investigator at NIH, his academic career began at Caltech, where he and his colleagues developed the DNA gene sequencer and synthesizer, and the protein synthesizer and sequencer–four instruments that paved the way for the successful mapping and understanding of the human genome. A pillar in the biotechnology field, Dr. Hood has played a role in founding fifteen biotechnology companies including Amgen, Applied Biosystems, Integrated Diagnostics and Arivale. He is a member of the National Academy of Sciences, the National Academy of Engineering, and the Institute of Medicine. Of the more than 6,000 scientists world-wide who belong to one or more of these academies, Dr. Hood is one of only fifteen people nominated to all three. Dr. Hood has co-authored numerous textbooks in biochemistry, immunology, molecular biology and genetics, as well as a popular book on the human genome project,The Code of Codes and he is just finishing a text on systems biology. He is the recipient of numerous national and international awards,including the Lasker Award for Studies of Immune Diversity (1987), the Kyoto Prize in advanced technology (2002), the Heinz Award for pioneering work in Systems Biology (2006), and the coveted NAE 2011 Fritz J. and Delores H. Russ Prize for developing automated DNA sequencing. In addition to having received 17 honorary degrees from prestigious universities in the U.S. and abroad, Dr. Hood has published over 850 peer-reviewed articles and currently holds 36 patents. In 2013, he received the National Medal of Science from President Obama.Hood has been named by The Best Schools as one of the 50 Most Influential Scientists in the World Today (2014).Scientific American has named Hood as one of the top 6 in their selection of 100 biotech visionaries world-wide (2015).
Vice-principal of Shenzhen University, Member of American Academy of Medicine and Bioengineering
Professor Xueji Zhang, Vice President of Shenzhen University. National distinguished professor, academician of the American Academy of Medicine and Biological Engineering, foreign academician of the Russian Academy of Engineering, chief scientist of major national research projects, chief scientist of national key research and development projects, and chairman of the Innovation Alliance of China's Biological Detection and Monitoring Industry. His research team has accumulated a solid foundation in the field of accurate diagnosis of diseases, publishing more than 400 papers and more than 100 patents in first-class international journals.
Director of the Research Laboratory of Institute of Digestive Disease at the Chinese University of Hong Kong
Professor Yu Jun is a professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Professor of Changjiang Scholars; Assistant Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the Chinese University of Hong Kong; Director of Gastrointestinal Tumor Experimental Center; Deputy Director of the State Key Laboratory for Digestive Disease Research; Executive Director of Cancer, American Digestive Society; Executive Director of Microecology and Therapy, American Digestive Society; Professor Yu has long been devoted to the research on the mechanism and prevention of digestive system tumors, including intestinal microecology and tumors. He has published 388 SCI papers and 84 influential factors above 10.
Vice President of Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Xiamen University
Vice President of Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Xiamen University; Director of Institute of Microecology, Medical College of Xiamen University; Minjiang scholar distinguished professor, chief physician, doctor of medicine, doctoral supervisor; Experts who enjoy special allowance from the State Council and leaders of the Department of Gastroenterology, a national key clinical specialty; Executive Director of the Strait Medical Exchange Association and Chairman-designate of the Digestive Disease Branch; Standing Committee Member of Digestive Doctors Branch of Chinese Physicians Association; Standing Committee Member of Endoscopic Doctors Branch of Chinese Physicians Association; Vice Chairman of Digestive Endoscopic Artificial Intelligence Committee of Chinese Medical Association; Member and Deputy Secretary General of Digestive Disease Branch of Chinese Medical Association; Deputy Chairman and Head of Microecology Group of Digestion Branch of China Medical Association; Deputy Chairman of the Microecological Medical Committee of China Association for the Promotion of Science and Technology Industry; Member of the National Health Committee Digestive Endoscope Quality Control Expert Committee; Member of the National Ministry of Education College Clinical Practice Steering Committee; Executive Chairman of Cross-Strait Digestion Forum and World Chinese Digestion Summit Forum; Chairman of hercynian digestion forum and integrated medicine summit forum.
VP of Xiangya Hospital of Central South University, and Director of Hunan Key Laboratory of Pharmacogenetics
Liu is a professor and doctoral supervisor, an expert enjoying special allowance from the State Council, and a young and middle-aged expert who has made outstanding contributions to national health and family planning. Currently, he is vice president of Xiangya Hospital of Central South University and director of Hunan Key Laboratory of Genetic Pharmacology. Standing Director of Chinese Pharmacological Society, Deputy Director of Clinical Pharmacology Committee of Chinese Pharmacological Society, Director of Hunan Pharmacological Society, Deputy Director of Hunan Pharmaceutical Society, and Director of Clinical Pharmacology Committee of Hunan Medical Association. He won the titles of "Yangtze River Scholar" innovation team of the Ministry of Education, the first batch of outstanding talents of the Ministry of Education in the new century, outstanding young teachers of higher education institutions of the Ministry of Education, and distinguished professor, a Hunan Furong Scholar. He presided over 48 scientific research projects such as the National 863 Program, major national science and technology projects and the National Natural Science Foundation. He has published 248 SCI papers in magazines such as Nature Communication, Nucleic Acid Research and Clinical Cancer Research. He has won 20 scientific and technological achievement prizes such as the National Second Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress, the First Prize for Chinese Medical Science and Technology, and the First Prize for Natural Science in Hunan Province, edited and participated in 19 textbooks and monographs, and has won 5 national authorized invention patents. Engaged in pharmacogenomics research on cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and malignant tumors.
Director of General Practice Teaching and Research Section of Shantou University Medical College and Vice President of Tumor Hospital
Chief physician and professor of general practice, master's tutor, deputy chief physician of preventive medicine, lecturer of medical ethics and labor economist. He is good at general practice, palliative and palliative treatment of tumors, and health education. He has achieved many miracles in cancer treatment in the world. He was listed in "Lingnan Famous Doctors Record" for three times in 2017, 2018 and 2019 and was listed in "Global Elite" magazine at the end of 2018. Currently, he is the vice president of the affiliated tumor hospital of Shantou university medical college and the director of the medical ethics Committee, and the director of the general practice teaching and research section of Shantou university medical college. Main social part-time jobs: Director of General Practice and Primary Health Care Committee of Guangdong Medical Education Association; Deputy Chairman of the Cancer Committee of the Provincial Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine; Standing Committee of the Tumor Professional Committee of the Provincial Institute of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine; Vice Chairman of Shantou Anti-cancer Association; President of Shantou Red Cross "Light of Life" Association; Executive Director of the World Chinese Society for Quality of Life; Standing member of the General Practice Committee of the Cross-Strait Medical and Health Exchange Association; Standing Committee Member of General Practice Branch of Chinese Traditional Medicine Association; Member of General Practitioners Branch of Chinese Physicians Association; Member of the Education and Training Group of the General Practice Branch of the Chinese Medical Association; Director of Guangdong Medical Association; Deputy Director of General Practice Branch of Provincial Medical Association; Deputy Chairman of the General Practice Teaching Steering Committee of the Provincial Education Department; Vice President of the Provincial Association of Primary Health Care; Vice President of Provincial Association of Family Doctors; Standing Committee of General Practitioners Branch of Provincial Physicians Association; Provincial Health Science Popularization Expert; Chairman of Shantou Medical Association's General Practice Committee; The provincial health series senior professional and technical qualification evaluation committee member pool of experts; Candidates for the provincial community health expert database; National, provincial and municipal experts in science and technology; Deputy Chairman of the Third Editorial Committee of China Medical Innovation Magazine and Editorial Committee of China General Practice and Other Magazines.
Professor, Beijing Cancer Hospital
Professor of Peking University Cancer Hospital, researcher and doctoral supervisor of Beijing Cancer Prevention and Control Institute; The winner of the National Distinguished Young Scholars Fund, the winner of the Distinguished Professor Award of the American Chinese Medical Association, and the special allowance expert of the State Council. He successively served as vice-chairman and director-general of Beijing Environmental Mutants Association. Deputy editor-in-chief of WJG, editorial board member of Journal of pathology, visiting (honorary) professor of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Experts from the National Major Basic Research Program (973) Health Science Expert Advisory Group; Executive Member of Science and Technology Committee of International Cancer Genome Collaboration Alliance (ICGC). In the core journals at home and abroad (cancer res, mol.cellbio, carcinogenesis, oncogene, clincancer res, j proteomres, JCO, nature, NAT.comun, PNAS, GUT, gastroenterology, ARS, J pathology, Chinese Science, Science Bulletin, Chinese Medical Journal, Chinese Oncology Journal, etc.) has published more than 200 papers and reviews, won more than 10 national, military, provincial and ministerial achievements, and won many invention patents at home and abroad.
Director of the Biomedical Translational Research Institute at Jinan University
Director of Guangdong Provincial Clinical Inspection Center
Zou Weimin, Director of Guangdong Clinical Laboratory Center and Director of Guangdong Clinical Laboratory Quality Control Center. He graduated from the medical department of Hubei medical college in 1986. From 1998 to 2001, he studied in the on-the-job postgraduate course in biochemistry and molecular biology of Sun Yat-sen Medical University. Candidates: deputy director of the clinical laboratory management Committee of the Chinese hospital association, and clinical laboratory standards specialist of the national health standards Committee Members of the Industry Committee, members of the 5th-8th Editorial Board of the Chinese Journal of Laboratory Medicine, members of the Medical Sub-Committee of the Technical Committee of the China National Accreditation Committee for Conformity Assessment, vice-chairman of the Experimental Medicine Expert Committee of the National Health Industry Enterprise Management Association, and chairman of the Precision Testing Branch of the Guangdong Provincial Institute of Precision Medicine Applications. From July to October 2000 and July to September 2001, I studied CAP laboratory accreditation and medical laboratory management in Midwest Medical Center OK and Orlando Medical Center FL respectively. He was awarded the honorary title of Excellent Management Cadre of Guangdong Hospital in 2016 and Excellent Chairman of Guangdong Precision Medical Application Society in 2018. In 2017, he took the lead in completing the formulation of the national standard of "Performance Evaluation of Vacuum Blood Collection Vessels".
Vice President of Shenzhen Luohu Hospital Group
Song Wu, doctor of medicine, secretary of the party committee and vice-president of Shenzhen Luohu Hospital Group, president of Precision Medicine Research Institute and director of Shenzhen Urology Diagnosis and Treatment Quality Control Center. Led scientific research and clinical teams to focus on bladder cancer pathogenesis research and the development of early screening system for community residents. In recent 7 years, he has been the first/co-author or communication/co-author in this field and published in Nature Journal and European Urology, etc. As an editorial board, he has participated in the compilation of the classic treatise on urology in China, "Wu Jieping Urology" and "Guidelines for Diagnosis and Treatment of Bladder Cancer".At present, as the chief scientist, he is leading the special topic of the national key research and development plan "stem cells and translational medicine": research on mutation characteristics and evolution of bladder urothelial tissue stem cells; as the lead, he is leading the key project of the national natural science foundation: research on intelligent diagnosis of bladder cancer lymph node metastasis based on CT images and urine characteristic spectrum. In 2016, he won the national May 1 Labor Medal and was selected by Forbes as one of the 30 elite influential figures in Asian medical and health fields under the age of 30. In 2017, he was appraised as a leading scientific and technological innovation talent of Guangdong Special Branch Plan, and in 2018, he was appraised as a leading medical talent of Guangdong Province. In 2019, he was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation's Outstanding Youth Science Project. Currently, he is a young member of the urology branch of the Chinese physicians association and vice president of Guangdong urology association.
Director of Department of Lung/Gastrointestinal Tumor Internal Medicine, Hunan Tumor Hospital
Hunan Tumor Hospital/Affiliated Tumor Hospital of Xiangya Medical College of Central South University. Director of Department of Oncology Internal Medicine, Director of Pulmonary Gastrointestinal Oncology Internal Medicine, Chief Physician, Master Director. Hunan "225" engineering medical discipline leader. Chief expert of major national science and technology projects. New drug evaluation expert of the State Administration of Drug Administration. Vice chairman of tumor immunotherapy committee of China Medical Education Association. Chief researcher at CTONG. Director of CSCO, member of immunotherapy special committee, member of drug research and development special committee, and member of nervous system tumor special committee. Member of the Standing Committee of the Youth Committee of the China Anti-Cancer Association, member of the special committee on anti-tumor drugs, tumor metastasis, and tumor artificial intelligence. Member of the colorectal cancer special committee of the Chinese Medical Association. Member of Cancer Credit Committee of Chinese Geriatric Association. Director of the Cancer Precision Medicine Committee of Hunan Anti-cancer Association.
Deputy Director of Zhongshan Cancer Research Institute
Professor, State Key Laboratory, First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University
Deng Fangge, female, researcher, master's tutor. Doctor of Medicine, graduated from the State Key Laboratory of Pathology and Biology, Ministry of Education, bethune medical school, Jilin University; Postdoctoral fellow in respiratory internal medicine, State Key Laboratory of Respiratory Diseases, studied under Academician Zhong Nanshan. Member of the Guangzhou Municipal Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, member of the Standing Committee of the Guangzhou Municipal Committee of the Jiusan Society, member of the Jiusan Central Committee for Promoting Innovation, member of the Jiusan Central Committee for Women, director of the Jiusan Society's Guangzhou Municipal Committee on Education and Health, and chairman of the Jiusan Society's Guangzhou Medical University Committee. Secretary General of Guangdong Infrared Clinical Thermography Society; Provincial and municipal science and technology evaluation experts; Executive director of the National Preventive Treatment Branch, etc.; Special reviewers of journals such as "Journal of Cellular Biochemistry" and "Clinical Respiratory Journal" etc. He is mainly engaged in the research of infrared thermography technology and its clinical application. He has presided over 20 scientific research funds such as the National Natural Science Foundation, China Postdoctoral Foundation and Guangdong Provincial Natural Science Foundation. For the first time, he has internationally reported the non-contact infrared thermography technology to screen animal models, confirmed patients and high-risk patients of lower limb deep vein thrombosis. For the first time, he has been invited by the Chinese to the keynote report (2016, Washington, D.C) specially invited by the meeting of the American Infrared Clinical Thermography Society. He participated in 2 software copyright items, presided over and participated in 18 patent authorization and application items for inventions and utility models, and wrote 1 infrared monograph and 2 participating books. Some of the research results were reported at the 5th Annual Asia Pacific Respiratory Conference and won the special award in 2012. Starting from 2015, it will host classes, seminars and summit forums on infrared thermal imaging technology for continuing education projects in Guangdong province and cities, and will be promoted to doctors nationwide by special articles specially written by "China Medical Tribune" and "Physician Newspaper". Scientific research achievements were successfully transformed in 2012. Production, teaching and research products won 2 high-tech products in Guangdong Province in 2014 and 2016, Guangzhou Science and Technology Achievement Award in 2015, the first batch of suitable promotion technologies for disease prevention in the country and the first batch of grass-roots promotion projects of Guangdong Health Planning Commission in 2016, and the title of innovation leader in Guangzhou Development Zone in 2017. In 2019, he participated in the National Medical Device Innovation Contest and was selected as one of the first Top Ten Physician Projects, and won a silver medal in the Guangdong Zhongchuang Cup Doctor Postdoctoral Innovation Contest.
Party secretary of the first affiliated hospital of guangdong pharmaceutical university
Professor and chief physician of the Department of Gastroenterology, First Affiliated Hospital of Guangdong Pharmaceutical University, and tutor of doctoral students. Selected in the "2017, 2018 and 2019 Lingnan Famous Doctors Record". In 2017, it was awarded "an important contributor to the progress in the field of flora transplantation" by the Chinese fecal bacteria bank. Deputy Chairman of Digestive Disease Expert Committee of Gerontology Credit Committee of Chinese Gerontology and Geriatrics Association, Standing Committee of Endoscopic Diagnosis and Treatment Quality Management and Control Specialty Committee of Endoscopic Doctors Branch of Chinese Physicians Association.
Director of Medical Research Center, SYSH
Researchers and doctoral supervisors; Director of Medical Research Center, Sun Yixian Memorial Hospital, Sun Yat-sen University; Executive Deputy Director of Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Epigenetics and Gene Regulation of Malignant Tumors. He graduated from Northeast Normal University in 1998 and became a postdoctoral fellow at Peking University in the same year. From 2000 to 2012, he studied and worked as a postdoctoral, assistant professor and associate professor in CEDARS-SINAI Medical Center of UCLA School of Medicine. He has been engaged in molecular oncology research for many years. He has worked in Nature Genetics, PNAS, Hepatology, Nucleic Acids Research, Cancer Research, Clinical Cancer Research, Leukemia, Oncogene, Molecular Cancer Research, The International Journal of Cancer and other internationally renowned oncology academic journals have published more than 50 SCI research papers, including more than 30 papers by first authors and/or correspondence authors. The projects presided over include: the national natural science foundation's international cooperation priorities, innovative groups and general projects, Guangdong province's collaborative innovation and platform building international cooperation field and innovation team projects, and Guangzhou city's major health and medical collaborative innovation projects.
Director of Laboratory Medicine Department of ZhuJiang Hospital Affiliated Southern Medical University
Director and professor of zhujiang hospital Department of Laboratory Medicine, Southern Medical University, and chief editor of Medicine in Microecology. He is mainly engaged in the research of human microbiome and new testing technologies. It mainly focuses on the analysis of complex biomarkers of human Microbiome and the development of flora causal mechanism of metabolic diseases, and explores new biomarkers for clinical examination in the direction of single-cell Raman and trace sample polypeptide groups, so as to communicate the author's papers published in publications such as Nature Medicine and Microbome. He was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation Outstanding Youth Fund, Outstanding Youth Fund, Pearl River Scholars and other talent projects.
Professor, key laboratory of tumor proteomics in xiangya hospital, central south university
Zhan xianquan, professor of central south university, doctoral tutor and postdoctoral tutor, member of the royal medical society (FRSM), American association for the advancement of science (AAAS), member and national representative of the European association for preventive individualized medicine (EPMA), overseas evaluation expert of the European organization for scientific and technological cooperation (e-COST), member of the technical Committee, technical leader and deputy director of the national and local joint engineering laboratory for anti-cancer drugs in China. Academic leader and subject leader of clinical proteomics and structural biology, subject leader of key laboratory construction project of national key clinical specialty construction project, 100-person planning expert of Hunan province, subject leader of "225" engineering medicine subject of high-level health talents in Hunan province, and "531" talent engineering expert of central south university. At present, it is committed to elaborate the molecular mechanism of tumor from the perspective of multi-parameter system strategy, discover tumor molecular markers, research and integrate the variation of genome, transcriptome, proteome and metabolome to realize tumor prediction, prevention, individualized treatment and precision medicine. He has published more than 130 academic papers, edited 3 international academic monographs and edited 16 international academic monographs, and obtained 2 U.S. invention patents. Invited to be guest editor in chief of three special issues in international journals with influence factors of 9.068 in Zone 1 of Chinese Academy of Sciences and 3.65 in Zone 2 of Chinese Academy of Sciences.
Director of the center for integrated genomics and translational research,Bio-x research institute, Shanghai jiao tong university
Xu Mingqing, Doctor of Science, researcher of Bio-X Research Institute of Shanghai Jiaotong University, director of the Research Center for Transformation of Integrated Histology, and distinguished professor of Shanghai University. Dr. Xu Mingqing has long been engaged in cross-scientific research combining statistics, computer science and biomedicine. The main research fields include: 1) biomedical high throughput, multi-genomics, statistical inference of big data and data mining; 2) systems biology and synthetic biology; 3) Molecular biological mechanisms of single gene diseases and complex diseases. In the past five years, Dr. Xu Mingqing's work focuses on data mining of multiple groups of major cardiovascular, cancer and brain diseases and integration of systematic biology research, thus revealing the molecular mechanism of occurrence and development of such diseases and finding drug action targets, and using molecular markers in multiple groups of data to construct disease risk and drug efficacy prediction models as clinical transformation services for basic biomedical research.
Director of Institute of Gene Engineering, Basic Medical College, Southern Medical University/Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (Department of Teaching and Research)
Dr. Xinghua Pan, professor and director of the Biochemistry Department of Southern Medical University, deputy director of Guangdong Biochemical Society and director of the Provincial Key Laboratory of Single Cell Technology and Application, was previously a Yale University researcher PI. Long-term commitment to genetics and genomics technology research, the creation of a variety of single cell sequencing technology, and applied to basic medical research, including cancer, stem cells and development-related disease mechanisms, is one of the early pioneers in this field. Led or cooperated in publishing nearly 100 papers and monographs in magazines such as PNAS, NAR, Cell and Nature, with 9 technical patents authorized by the United States and the international community. He is a review expert and editorial board member of magazines such as Nature and has been interviewed by PNAS Journal Club, GEN and TechNet.
Head of Chipscreen Research and Development Center
Director of the early research and development center of Chipscreen. He graduated from fuwai institute of cardiovascular disease, Chinese academy of medical sciences in 1999 and obtained a doctorate in biochemistry and molecular biology. he was engaged in postdoctoral research at Wayne state university medical school from 2000 to 2001. Since 2002, he has been engaged in the research and development of new drugs in Shenzhen Micro-Core Biology. At present, he is responsible for the internal early research and development of the company and the clinical supporting research of experimental drugs. He is specialized in the practical application of chemical genetics and other molecular biology technologies in drug research and development and related technology development.
1998年获得以色列魏慈曼科学研究生物化学及分子生物学博士。1998~2002年相继在哈佛医学院博士后研究。于2008年被聘为哈佛 癌症中心,Brigham Women Hospital与Dana-Farber 癌症中心独立研究员和助理教授,获得 NIH及美国多个癌症研究基金会等多个基金资助, 积极参与多项美国肿瘤研究学术活动,包括ASCO,AACR active member 并多次奖项;整合肿瘤学协会committee,《Journal Clinical Investigation》《Journal of Clinical Oncology》等顶级肿瘤期刊学术评审、发表国际期刊论文40篇,美国专利5项。 2011-2014, 诺华上海国际临床试验生物标志物研发。2014-2017,北京珅奥基,主持并推动中国创新一类药治疗晚期肝细胞癌临床试验及生物标志物研究, 并获得135 国际重大专项的支持, 开展生物标志物PD-L1 阳性肝细胞癌三期临床。
Professor, College of Life Sciences and Oceanography, Special Professor of "Pengcheng Scholar" in Shenzhen
Director of the Vascular Disease Research Center of Shenzhen University, distinguished professor, Shenzhen's "Pengcheng Scholar", Shenzhen's local leader, and Shenzhen University's outstanding scholar. He worked successively in the School of Life Sciences of Wuhan University (Associate Professor), Oklahoma State University (Research Associate Professor) and the Department of Pediatrics (Assistant Professor) of the University of Illinois School of Medicine in Chicago. Members of American Heart Association (AHA), American Physiological Society (APS) and chinese association for physiological sciences, editorial board of Scientific Reports; Expert of second instance in medical department of NSFC. At present, the main research directions are: (1) to study the role and molecular mechanism of noncoding RNA in the formation of pulmonary hypertension; (2) Application of methylated ctDNA and circulating miRNA biomarkers in early diagnosis of tumors. DirectS-Poly(T)Plus, a direct expansion technology for detecting circulating miRNA without extracting nucleic acid, is invented and can be used for early diagnosis of tumors such as lung cancer, colorectal cancer and the like. In recent years, more than 50 SCI papers have been published in the american journal of respiratory and critical care medicine, celldeath and differentiation, JBC, amjrespiratory cellmolbio.
Former CDC Expert Member, Deputy Director of Laboratory, The First Affiliate Hospital of GUANGZHOU Medical University, Head of Hospital Medical Transformation Research Laboratory
He is a doctor of medicine, a professor and a master's tutor. He is currently the deputy director of the laboratory of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, the director of the hospital's medical transformation research laboratory, and the director of the molecular diagnostics teaching and research section of the Jinyu Laboratory of Guangzhou Medical University. At present, the institute holds the post of deputy director of the clinical microbiology laboratory management Committee of the China hospital association, and the health inspection and testing of the China society for inspection and testing Deputy Director of the Professional Committee, Member of the Laboratory Medicine Committee of China Medical Equipment Association, Director of the Medical Laboratory Committee of Guangdong Chest Disease Association, Deputy Director of the Transforming Medicine Committee of Guangdong Medical Association, Deputy Director of the Precision Testing Branch of Guangdong Precision Medical Application Association, Deputy Director of the Quality Control Center for Clinical Gene Testing of Guangdong Province, Member of the Laboratory Branch of Guangdong Medical Association and Deputy Director of Molecular Diagnostics Group. Deputy Director of the Laboratory Branch of Guangzhou Medical Association, Editorial Board of International Journal of Laboratory Medicine, Editorial Board of Frontiers in Laboratory Medicine, and Editorial Board of Communication of Chinese Journal of Laboratory Medicine. More than 50 academic research papers have been published, including nearly 30 SCI articles published in famous international magazines such as PNAS, J Immun, EID, etc., with an impact factor of more than 100 and more than 200 citations per article. He participated in the compilation of one national higher medical examination education planning textbook, won one second prize for educational and teaching achievements in Guangdong Province (ranked 5th), and participated in the formulation of one national health industry standard in China. He applied for one U.S. patent and has been successfully transferred to Xiangxue Pharmaceutical Hong Kong Company. Academic expertise is clinical virology and molecular diagnosis of infectious diseases.
Director, Shanghai Center for Bioinformation Technology
Associate Professor of Department of Biology, Thousands of National Youth Experts
Associate Professor PI of the Biology Department of south university of science and technology of china, a doctoral supervisor, a specially-appointed national youth expert, and a national leader in Shenzhen, has undertaken a number of national scientific research projects. Dr. Jin has long been committed to developing high-throughput methods to study tumor occurrence and development and human genetics. Single cell DNase sequencing technology has been developed. He has published more than 20 papers in Nature, Nat Methods and other magazines. At present, we are committed to developing a variety of single cell sequencing technologies to analyze the heterogeneity of cancer cells and tumor microenvironment to provide guidance for accurate diagnosis and treatment.
Founder of Seekincancer
CTO, 3D Medicines
高博士在香港中文大学获得医学科学博士学位。高博士曾在华大基因工作7年,作为肿瘤生物信息团队的负责人,高博士致力于探寻所有导致癌症发生的驱动基因突变,从而发现潜在的新的癌症治疗方式。他在此期间,他获得了7个发明专利,在包括Nature和Science在内的顶级杂志上发表文章20多篇。他是中国肿瘤基因组协作组的核心成员,也是国际肿瘤基因组协作组成员。 高博士在2015年5月创立深圳裕策生物科技有限公司,裕策生物是国内肿瘤精准免疫治疗与基因检测的先行者与开拓者。2017年3月,高博士联合国内众多顶级肿瘤专家,共同发起了中国抗癌登月“天梯计划”。他们计划在3年之内,在中国挑选10000多例接受免疫治疗(如抗PD-1/PD-L1药物治疗)的肿瘤患者,收集包括肿瘤基因组、肿瘤微环境和临床信息等数据进行深入研究,从而为中国精准免疫治疗开发出最有效的Biomarker。
Chief Digital Officer, Wuxi NextCODE
Professor,Precision Medicine Science Center, ZhongShan Medical College, SYSU
Co-founder and the CEO, WeGene
Head of Sales in China, Namocell
陈科立先生负责Namocell中国地区的全面工作,毕业于浙江大学并获得硕士学位。从事生命科学领域相关市场销售工作八年。曾在美国BD公 司工作6年,担任华东地区大客户经理,并且全面负责细胞治疗相关项目;2013-2016年期间负责全国IVF市场开发和渠道管理工作。
PerkinElmer(China) product manager of automation product line, Senior Engineer
武汉大学生化与分子生物学博士,7年医疗产业经验。曾任职于迈瑞医疗,担任体外诊断试剂 研发部经理,迈瑞试剂专业委员会委员、工程技术专业委员会委员。 现重点关注医疗器械(IVD、影像设备、高值耗材等)、互联网医疗及医疗人工智能等领域的投资机会。
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