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Fun with Zabbix

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Fun with Zabbix

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Fun with Zabbix

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November 28 19:00-21:00

Welcome Party

Enjoy snacks and drinks in a relaxed place and share your experience with Zabbix.Meet Zabbix core team from Latvia, Japan, China, Zabbix community experts, lecturers, and chat with Zabbix


November 29 19:00-21:00


The Zabbix Conference Part is  the exclusive annual party of Zabbix User! After a full day of technical study, Let's have FUN! We invite domestic and foreign special guests, conference speakers, community translation team, community expert team and Zabbixer to enjoy food, wine and share stories... I look forward to your visit!


December 01 8:00-12:00

Fun with Zabbix

Exploring the life of old Beijing

Understand the rules and social customs of old Beijing. Enter the Beijing traditional house, learn about the unique Beijing folk customs and Hutong life, explore the taste and optimism of Beijingers.

Date & Location
Date:  2019-11-28 19:00 ~ 12-01 12:00
Location:   Beijing Marriott Hotel, Chaoyang, Beijing