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Hack for Wuhan

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The unexpected outbreak of COVID-19 has such huge influence that it has developed into a public health emergency of international concern (PHEIC). 

According to the statistics up to February 16 at 19:00, there were a total of 69285 confirmed cases globally, with the number of cured reaching at 9778 and died at 1669.

Despite the difficulties, warm-hearted actions and activities are witnessed during this winter: the ongoing and continued dedication of numerous volunteers, the donation of urgent and necessary materials and supplies nationwide and worldwide, the highly-effective medical infrastructure construction of Huoshenshan Hospital and Leishenshan Hospital, and the support of medical teams from the other provinces of China. 

In this fight against the epidemic, technical support plays an essential role. Chen Yueliang, an official with the Ministry of Civil Affairs, once urged tech companies to develop applications for public welfare, which, in his opinion, is “more helpful than donating even one billion yuan".

We have endeavored to encourage more people into the development of applications and apply the power of technology into this race against the disease.

A 5K-Star Community, An Anti-Coronavirus Battle

In January 2020, a group of enthusiastic developers founded an open source community named Wuhan2020 on GitHub, which is aimed to collect the information of hospitals, hotels, factories, logistics, donations, precaution, therapies, dynamics, etc. Through unified collection and publication process, all parties could share the information, and the social resources could be effectively allocated.

"Trust, Transparency, Technology." We built Wuhan2020 to achieve these values.

This way of collaboration proved effective. On GitHub, Wuhan2020 was among trending repositories, and has gained over 5,000 stars.

While gaining widespread attention, Wuhan2020 connects over 3,000 volunteers worldwide, including developers, product managers, designers, data analysts, information collectors, translators, media workers, and students. By staff's working together under the well-arranged mechanism, this community managed to build a digital defensive line against the epidemic. 

If you want to join us in this battle and contribute in the open source way, here comes an opportunity, as follows. 

Hackthon Awaiting You 

As volunteers and developers of Wuhan2020 community, we would like to invite you to our Hackathon: Hack for Wuhan, on 27th and 28th February, 2020. Let us hack together against the global crisis.

We believe hackathon can not only inspire the next billion dollar unicorns, but also help unite mission-driven developers and innovators to combat an international outbreak crisis.

We are looking forward to the novel designs, prototypes, business or social impact models. We believe that all efforts will make a profound impact.

We will provide professional technical supports to your inspiration, and you will have the opportunity to work with mentors from Stanford, MIT, Harvard, Andreessen Horowitz, GSR Venture, Google, Facebook, ByteDance and startups in Silicon Valley, China, and India.

Your every single effort for this fight against COVID-19 wherein all of us could keep the humanitarian spirits and open source values, can compose stories worth telling and precious memories to remember.  

Hack for Wuhan Overview

In this online Hackathon, you will team up with other participants to work out creative solutions which can help the fight against the current epidemic of COVID-19.

The event will take place in the form of online Hackathon to encourage participants to work in teams and make creative project proposals to help fight the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic in a span of three days.


  • The purpose of the event is to call for more actions to create, including but not limited to, product prototypes, code, user experience design, and business/social influence models, to help fight the COVID-19 epidemic.

  • It encourages social innovation, the use of open-source cooperation to help fight the epidemic, and the creation of shared value among volunteers, organisations, enterprises and platforms.


  • Dates : March 6-8, 2020

  • Form of the Event:The event will be held entirely online. Distributed collaboration is encouraged.

  • Competition Content:Each team or individual of the competition is expected to deliver works of design and software development based on data provided by wuhan2020, as well as a video introducing the ideas, works and significance of the works.

Available Topics

The topics are centred on the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic, which has become a global public health emergency. Available topics include:

  •  Labeled data regarding the epidemic

  •  Innovative applications of related technologies

  • Promotion of social good and popularisation of science to the general public

  • Proposed solutions to all sorts of social challenges emerged from this public health crisis


Participants are encouraged to deliver their works in a relatively free format, including but not limited to:

  • Artistic productions such as videos and animations

  • Dynamic webpages

  • Open-source data

  • Data analytics and prediction models

  • Visualisation platforms and websites

  • Productions and applications related to the epidemic

  • Analysis and investigation reports or proposals


Reviewers and the community will provide rankings to the participants and projects, and award the winners.

Background of Participants

Participants may come from a variety of backgrounds, including but not limited to:

  • 1) Contributers to the open-source community (e.g. wuhan2020 and other communities on GitHub) with excellent ideas and prototypes, who are willing to take the undergoing challenge and create shared value.

  • 2) Volunteers who would like to increase their social influence with the help of the open-source format.

  • 3) Entrepreneurs who are actively taking the challenges facing COVID-19 and the social crisis.


Three types of audience are welcome

  • 1) Individuals and teams participating in the contest

  • 2) Invitees - reviewers, tutors and specialists (entrepreneurs, venture investors, etc.)

  • 3) Anyone who is interested in this event and would like to observe and learn from it

Tutors and Reviewers

  • Person in charge from Stanford PACS

  • Computer Science Professors from the science and engineering departments of Stanford University, UC Berkeley or MIT

  • Product managers from companies including Google, Facebook and ByteDance

  • Guests from venture capitals (GSR Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz)

  • Entrepreneurs from countries including the United States, India and China

WeChat Group of the Event

Please scan below QR code to add Rob2020 as friend via WeChat and reply with "Hack" to join Hack for Wuhan WeChat group.

Any notification and information regarding the event are going to be published in the WeChat group in time.

If you purchased participants ticket, please fill in the Competition Entry form:




Anna Fang

Founding Partner & CEO at ZhenFund

Anna Fang is CEO and Partner of ZhenFund, an early stage venture capital firm in China focused on consumer Internet and technologies enabled compaines. In her role as CEO, Anna leads Zhenfund's investments, portfolio management, and operations. Anna led ZhenFund's investments in unicorns such as RED (XiaoHongShu), Perfect Diary, Mia, Club Factory, Yitu, Mobvoi, Horizon Robotics, and VIPKID.


Eva Woo

China Program Manager

Eva is the China Program Manager at Stanford PACS. Prior to joining PACS, Eva spent 15 years as a journalist and entrepreneur focused on U.S.-China innovation and impact. A financial journalist by training, she worked as a business and economics reporter at Bloomberg, Caixin, South China Morning Post, and the Washington Post.


Xuwen Cao

Partner of MiraclePlus

MiraclePlus partner of seed accelerator, investing in early-stage tech startups and assisting their journey from 0 to 1. Previously Xuwen graduated from Stanford University Computer Science department and founded two companies funded by YCombinator. His last company, Echo Lockscreen, was acquired by Microsoft in 2015.


Rick Zhuang

Ex-CTO, Tmall New Retail at Alibaba

Rick is a Sloan Fellow at Stanford working on a stealth startup. He spent more than a decade building Internet products and platforms in both Silicon Valley and China. Most recently he led the development of Tmall New Retail, and built and scaled Taobao Content Platform at Alibaba. When he’s not 996-ing, he enjoys reading, Lego building, trail running, and a bowl of Reganmian.



Founder of wuhan2020

Researcher at the School of Data Science and Engineering, East China Normal University, director of Computer Science Education and Teaching Department, senior member of the Chinese Computer Society, member of the Computer Education Commission, member of Open Source Society Council and CEO. His research interests include computational pedagogy and open source digital innovation.


Xander Wu

Founder of Hack for Wuhan@wuhan2020

As the founder of Hack for Wuhan @wuhan2020, Xander is passionate about working with you to align social and commercial value, tailor product-market fit, and seek go-to-market fit.

Xander has achieved many #1 in global 4G and 5G market and advised a number of startups in B2B business growth. He graduated from Stanford GSB.

  • CEO of ScienceWhaleFan jingjing
    CEO of ScienceWhale
    CEO of ScienceWhale, Founder of Datawhale
  • Computer Science PhD candidate, Tongji University, Founder of Wuhan2020 InitiativeFrank Zhao
    Computer Science PhD candidate, Tongji University, Founder of Wuhan2020 Initiative
  • Wuhan2020 CEOYangLi
    Wuhan2020 CEO
    Wuhan2020 CEO,the initiator of the emergency rescue component system. Algorithm Engineer,Enthusiastic about open source and public welfare, participating in various open source and public welfare activities and projects.
  • Ex-Director, Investment & AI Product Development, ByteDance  前投资与AI产品总监,字节跳动Jaggie Zhu 朱辰
    Ex-Director, Investment & AI Product Development, ByteDance 前投资与AI产品总监,字节跳动
    Jaggie most recently led investment and the development of AI innovations at Bytedance, a Chinese mobile internet company with 250 million daily active users and a valuation of over $30 billion. Before that, she and three Stanford GSB alumni co-founded a Beijing e-commerce startup dealing with secondhand cars. Chen started her career at P&G as a PM. Her investments range from leading self-driving AI to Craigslist. Jaggie曾在字节跳动主管投资和AI创新的开发。在此之前,她与斯坦福GSB的三位校友共同创立了一家北京二手电商创业公司。 她曾在宝洁(P&G)担任项目经理。 她的投资范围从领先的自动驾驶AI到Craigslist。
  • Sequoia Capital, VP  红杉资本,VPKlaus Wang
    Sequoia Capital, VP 红杉资本,VP
    Am working with Sequoia Capital Singapore office covering SEA and Indian market. 我在红杉资本新加坡办公室,负责东南亚和印度市场。
  • GSR Ventures, Investor  金沙江创业投资,投资人Wen Han 韩文
    GSR Ventures, Investor 金沙江创业投资,投资人
    GSR Ventures 金沙江创投 was the first and biggest investor in Didi ($56bn), Eleme ($9bn), Qunar ($11bn), Xiaohongshu ($3bn), amongst other transformative companies. 斯坦福大学MBA,金沙江创业投资,投资人。金沙江创投是滴滴(560亿美元),Eleme(90亿美元),去哪儿(110亿美元),Xiaohongshu(30亿美元)以及其他转型公司的最大投资者。
  • Microsoft Cloud and AI Strategy Sr ManagerHuimin Lu
    Microsoft Cloud and AI Strategy Sr Manager
    Huimin is a Sr. Manager at Microsoft Cloud and AI Strategy. She works closely with the product to figure out product roadmap and go to market strategy.
  • Alibaba Cloud, Staff Product Manager  阿里云主任产品经理Haimo Liu
    Alibaba Cloud, Staff Product Manager 阿里云主任产品经理
    "We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone." Wuhan might not be your home town or home country, but we are all part of this global community. Helping others in this community not only makes this community better, but also makes you feel great in the process. “我们不能帮助所有人,但每个人都可以帮助某人。” 武汉可能不是您的故乡,但我们都是全球社区的一分子。 帮助他人不仅让社区变得更好,也让我们在此过程中感觉良好。
  • Product Manager,Google  Google产品经理Big Joe  硅谷大舅
    Product Manager,Google Google产品经理
    Joe is an experienced product manager at Google on ads, enterprise software, and video streaming products. He was innovative in measuring ads effectiveness for SMB advertisers and filed a patent in that field. Meanwhile, Joe is a frequent speaker and trainer at top MBA programs such as Wharton at UPenn and mentors many Chinese MBA students. Joe has double bachelor's degrees in CS and English from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, a Master’s degree in CS from Peking University and an MBA from Emory University. 谷歌产品经理,在硅谷人称"大舅"。现湾区MBA俱乐部管理员。毕业于北京大学计算机专业,有七年Google产品经理经验,是MBA毕业后去Google总部做产品经理的第一位华人。
  • Product Design @ Scale AI  产品设计师@Scale AIChun Jiang  蒋寸寸
    Product Design @ Scale AI 产品设计师@Scale AI
    Chun is a Product Designer at Scale AI. Driven to create unique products that foster connection and innovation, Chun has had experience with consumer-facing product design, machine learning, data design, IoT, design system, and autonomous driving. Chun is now leading 3D annotation & data product design at Scale AI. Previously worked at Uber. Undergraduate & Graduate degrees at Cornell. 蒋寸寸是Scale AI的产品设计师。她致力于创建促进连接和创新的独特产品,在面向消费者的产品设计,机器学习,数据设计,物联网,设计系统和自动驾驶方面拥有丰富的经验。 Chun现在Scale AI领导3D标注和数据产品设计。 之前在优步工作。 康奈尔大学本科和研究生学位。 Chun是Scale AI的产品设计师。她致力于创建促进连接和创新的独特产品,在面向消费者的产品设计,机器学习,数据设计,物联网,设计系统和自动驾驶方面拥有丰富的经验。 Chun现在Scale AI领导3D标注和数据产品设计。 之前在优步工作。 康奈尔大学本科和研究生学位。
  • Software Engineer/ Blogger  硅谷大厂软件工程师,大V博主Han Chen
    Software Engineer/ Blogger 硅谷大厂软件工程师,大V博主
    Han is a Software Tech Lead engineer in one of the Silicon Valley internet company. He had the experience on Monetization solution, ads, SMB business, social media and mobile infra. He is also a Best Seller book writer. His new book The Thinking of Silicon Valley (硅谷思维) achieved Top 2 New Tech book award, the Korean and English version will be published soon as well. Han是硅谷一家互联网公司的软件技术主管工程师。 他在变现、广告、中小企业业务、社交媒体和移动基础设施方面拥有丰富的经验。 他还是畅销书作家。 他的新书《硅谷思维》获得了Top 2 New Tech图书奖,其韩文和英文版本也将很快出版。
  • Product Manager at Uber  Uber产品经理Tianyu Bao
    Product Manager at Uber Uber产品经理
    I'm a product manager at Uber Eats, dedicated to offering a seamless food delivery experience to our users. As a PM, I hope to contribute my efforts to Wuhan by supporting hackers to build better product solutions. 我是Uber Eats的产品经理,致力于为用户提供无缝的送餐体验。 作为产品经理,我希望通过支持开发者构建更好的产品解决方案,为武汉做出自己的努力。
  • Sr Product Designer  @devicebook  Product Lead of Wuhan 2020  高级产品设计师  wuhan2020 产品负责人Kate Jia
    Sr Product Designer @devicebook Product Lead of Wuhan 2020 高级产品设计师 wuhan2020 产品负责人
    Leading the design for most pioneer IoT products for more than 5 years. Since Jan 2020, Kate has been leading the volunteers in Wuhan2020 product team to craft the most meaningful product for this global public health situations. Graduate from Tsinghua University. 致力于物联网创新产品设计多年。 从2020年1月开始,带领wuhan2020 的产品志愿者团队开发最有温度和深度的疫情数据产品。 毕业于清华大学
  • Google/Software Engineer   Google 软件工程师Matt Zhao
    Google/Software Engineer Google 软件工程师
    Matt is currently an engineer at Google and previously worked at Snapchat(2015-2019). Matt got his master and bachelor's degrees in CS from Rice University. He attended various hackathons while in school and is excited to offer technical support for "Hack for Wuhan". Matt是Google的工程师,于2015-2019在Snapchat工作。 Matt获莱斯大学CS硕士学位和学士学位。 他在校期间参加过各种黑客松比赛,并很高兴为“ Hack for Wuhan”提供技术支持。
  • Facebook Software Engineer  Facebook软件工程师Sean Wang
    Facebook Software Engineer Facebook软件工程师
    Let's see how we can help Wuhan by HACKING! Have been hacking in Facebook for 6 years across multiple products on mobile, on web, for users, for advertisers, for creators, from US, from LATAM and also from China! Let's unite everyone everywhere! 让我们通过HACKING帮助武汉! Sean在Facebook "Hack"了六年,横跨移动端、网页端产品,面向用户、广告商、创作者,他们来自美国,拉美,还有中国。让我们联合抗“疫”!
  • Pinterest, Sr. Software Engineer Pnterest 高级软件工程师Claire Li
    Pinterest, Sr. Software Engineer Pnterest 高级软件工程师
    Claire is a product builder, open source contributor, and Sr. engineer at Pinterest. She has built a open source project with 500+ stars on GitHub and holds two patents. She has shipped products to millions of users in eCommerce, payment and social media space. Claire also runs a community of aspiring entrepreneurs. She received her bachelor in CS from UC-Berkeley. Claire是Pinterest的产品构建者、开源贡献者和高级工程师。 她在GitHub上建立的开源项目有500多颗星并拥有两项专利。 她的产品拥有数百万电商、支付、社交媒体的用户。Claire还运营创业者社区。 获加州大学伯克利分校计算机科学学士学位。
  • Ex-Director, AI Product Development, Byte Dance  前AI产品总监,字节跳动Tianyu Wu
    Ex-Director, AI Product Development, Byte Dance 前AI产品总监,字节跳动
    Tianyu believes in the intersection between data and design. Currently working as a Sr Product designer at FB, previously in Spotify and unicorn startups. She has been teaching UX for years and has a mixed background in product and design. She strives to create simple and delightful products to help people solve problems. 天宇相信数据与设计之间的交集。 他目前在FB担任高级产品设计师,之前在Spotify和独角兽初创公司工作。 她已经教了UX多年,并且在产品和设计方面有着混合的背景。 她致力于创造简单有趣的产品来帮助人们解决问题。
  • Vue Glasses CTOJason Gui  桂家勋
    Vue Glasses CTO
    As founder of Vigo and Vue, Jason has created innovative hardware products and raised over $2 million USD through Kickstarter. Jason brings a background of mechanical and electrical engineering, marketing, production, and business expertise. 作为Vigo和Vue的创始人,Jason开发了创新的硬件产品,并通过Kickstarter筹集了超过200万美元资金。 Jason拥有机械和电气工程,市场营销,生产和商科专业背景。
  • Polarr, Founder and CEO  泼辣修图,创始人、CEOBorui WangBorui Wang  王博瑞
    Polarr, Founder and CEO 泼辣修图,创始人、CEO
    Borui started Polarr in 2015 after he graduated from Stanford studying Computer Science, with a mission to connect people with aesthetics. Today Polarr powers millions of creators to craft their own creative styles. The company's apps have won Apple Best of App Store three times over the last four years; its computational photography engine also powers key systems in flagship consumer devices made by Samsung, OPPO, etc. Borui毕业于斯坦福大学计算机科学专业。他于2015年创立了Polarr,其使命是将人们与美学联系起来。 如今,Polarr推动着数百万创作者制定自己的创作风格。 该公司的应用程序在过去四年中三度获得了Apple Best of App Store的称号; 其计算摄影引擎被三星、OPPO等厂商的旗舰机采用。
  • Gliding Eagle Inc., Founder and CEO  翔鹰,创始人、CEOJack Duan  段一鸣
    Gliding Eagle Inc., Founder and CEO 翔鹰,创始人、CEO
    Former Sr Technologist (Sun Microsystems) and Big Data Product Manager (Marketing Strategy, Safeway). Dual-cultural in the US and China. BS in CS, Indiana U.; MBA, Berkeley-Haas. Jack是Sun的前高级技术员和Safeway的市场策略和大数据产品经理。他熟悉美国和中国的双重文化。获美国印第安纳州CS的学士学位; 伯克利·哈斯(MBA)学位。
  • Serial Entrepreneur  连续创业者Huan Xu  许欢
    Serial Entrepreneur 连续创业者
    Graduated from Beihang University, Huan Xu co-founded ZHE800, a billion $ company. Huan Xu is a serial entrepreneur with deep insight of e-commerce product and operations. 毕业于北京航空航天大学应用数学专业,连续的互联网创业者。折800(10亿美金)联合创始人。对互联网流量、产品和运营有通透的了解。
  • Founding Partner of Button  巴特恩创始合伙人Xi Fang  方晰
    Founding Partner of Button 巴特恩创始合伙人
    Dr Xi Fang is Founding Partner of Button 方晰博士是巴特恩资本的创始合伙人
  •, Head of Engineering, 研发主管Peter Qian, Head of Engineering, 研发主管
  • Wilson Sonsini, Attorney   Wilson Sonsini, 律师Gordon Cheng
    Wilson Sonsini, Attorney Wilson Sonsini, 律师
    Gordon practices corporate and securities law in the Silicon Valley. He primarily works with tech companies and startups, but has done quite some pro bono legal work as well. He looks forward to providing legal support for the participants. Gordon在硅谷从事公司法和证券法。 他主要与科技公司和初创公司合作,也做过很多公益法律工作。 他期待为参与者提供法律支持。
  • CEO, President  华人创业者协会 会长,斯坦福 MBA2Weili Dong  董韦利
    CEO, President 华人创业者协会 会长,斯坦福 MBA2
  • CEO, Run The WorldXiaoyin Qu  曲晓音
    CEO, Run The World
    Xiaoyin is CEO of Run The World, a platform that enables live online events. Previously she was a senior Product Manager at Facebook and Instagram, and a bestselling author for Silicon Valley Products, a product management book published in China. Xiaoyin是实时在线活动平台Run The World的首席执行官。 此前,她曾是Facebook和Instagram的高级产品经理,并且是畅销书《硅谷产品》(在中国发行的产品管理书)的作者。 Xiaoyin is CEO of Run The World, a platform that enables live online events. Previously she was a senior Product Manager at Facebook and Instagram, and a bestselling author for Silicon Valley Products, a product management book published in China.
  • Run The WorldThomas Reese
    Run The World
    Thomas led engineering products in Video for Facebook and co-founded FlipWord. He attained a CS Masters from the University of Illinois. He is currently the tech lead of Run the World. Thomas领导了Video for Facebook的工程产品,并共同创立了FlipWord。 他获得了伊利诺伊大学的CS硕士学位。 他目前是Run the World的技术负责人。
  • Co-founder & CTO at Run The World  Run The World联合创始人兼CTOXuan Jiang  蒋璇
    Co-founder & CTO at Run The World Run The World联合创始人兼CTO
    Ex software engineer of Facebook, and now the co-founder and CTO of Run The World. 前Facebook软件工程师,现Run The World联合创始人兼CTO。
  • Didi,Senior Software Engineer  滴滴,高级软件工程师Cindy Cao
    Didi,Senior Software Engineer 滴滴,高级软件工程师
  • google,Software Engineer  谷歌,软件工程师刘钟泽
    google,Software Engineer 谷歌,软件工程师
    华中科技大学计算机学院信息安全专业本科,现Google软件工程师,本科期间在华中科技大学CGCL实验室参与网络空间安全以及区块链和零知识证明方面的研究 Hackthon爱好者,在校期间参加过两届HackxFDU, 一届HackxPKU, 三届Unique Hackday等共六场hackthon并全部获奖,最好名次是HackxFDU第二名
  • google,Software Engineer  谷歌,软件工程师yu xi feng
    google,Software Engineer 谷歌,软件工程师
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    Tencent Serverless provides open source, free, one-stop serverless development resources, computing services and technical support for Wuhan 2020 hackathon. Serverless fully assists developers to quickly implement ideas and race against time with comprehensive Node, Python, PHP and framework! Provide participants with:


    1.Free 2-month trial of Tencent Serverless service resources.

    2.Provide full-stack app open source code and Demo examples to help participants quickly build serverless web services

    3.Provide free serverless technical guidance and training courses, online expert development guidance and technical Q & A.

    4.Provide project incubation and landing support for the projects of the team selected by Hackathon as Top 5.



    Amazon Web Services (AWS) helps wuhan2020 with technology:

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides developers and sponsors with cloud service resource (AWS Global Region) and a technical steering group of professional solution architects.

    The final hackathon winners will also have the opportunity to receive tickets to the 2020 US AWS re: Invent Conference.


    More AWS Free Resources:

    New users who successfully sign up for an AWS account will receive the AWS China (Ningxia) Region Free Tier

    Sign up for an AWS Global Account and enjoy a 12-month free tier now

    AWS AI Gift Pack-$ 200 Gift Pack



    1W Azure Cloud Resources

    Date & Location
    Date:  2020-03-06 09:00 ~ 03-08 09:00
    Location:   Virtual