2020 China Open Source Conference (COSCon'20) & Apache Roadshow China

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2020 China Open Source Conference (COSCon'20) & Apache Roadshow China

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The most influential open-source annual event in the industry in China, the China Open Source Conference 2020 (COSCon'20), will be held by Kaiyuanshe on October 24-25.

Kaiyuanshe is a ground-up, vendor-neutral, volunteer-driven, not-for-profit open-source alliance with a strong influence in the open-source community at home and abroad. We focus on open source governance, global bridging, community (joint) development, and open source projects. The COSCon has been focusing on these four core areas along the way.

With its unique positioning and increasing influence, COSCon attracts more and more support from top companies and international foundations. Unlike industry conferences held in China by enterprises, IT medias, trade associations, or foreign foundations, COSCon focuses on attracting the attention and participation of open source developers, contributors, and committers at home and abroad as well as different users across enterprises and open sourc project communities.

Highlights of the Conference


We sincerely invite your participation and support. If you are interested in submitting a topic related to open source, please click the call-for-proposal form; if your enterprise is interested in sponsoring the most influential annual meeting in the open-source field, please click the sponsorship invite; if your community is interested in supporting this annual conference, please click the community partner application form; if you are an open-source enthusiast and want to participate in this grand gathering, please register now!

2020 China open Source Conference (COSCon'20) Steering Committee