Shenzhen's English Playback Theatre  |  一人一故事

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Shenzhen's English Playback Theatre  |  一人一故事

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Shenzhen's English Playback Theatre  |  一人一故事

Event Details | 活动

Time : 8pm - 9:30pm on September 25

Venue : Floor 5, Loft B, Town of UpperHills, Huanggang Rd, Futian

Ticket – 100 RMB

Not suitable for children under 16


Playback Theatre | 一人一故事

A feast of playback theatre. Another night of listening, connecting, healing.

Everybody is sunk in all kinds of stories. Tears and laughters. The audiences and actors join forces to embark the journey of all kinds of emotions and memories.

Through story sharing, the deep secrets unlocked, feeling consoled. At the end of the day, we’re all humans longing for love, respect and connections. Through others’ stories, we see ourselves, our desire, our fear, our expectations. In this regard, we are no different.


Connections | 观后谈

It’s such special experience to see how the actors reflected the stories being told. Each one is a treasure to help us see better who we are and what we long for.

In Alex’s story, he shared with us how his best friend from a long distance shared sorrow with him. His friend suffered from anxiety, he himself suffered from depression, even hard to get out of the door to meet people. It takes courage to expose your fragility, to tell strangers what you’ve been through. 

This is a magical stage, this is a safe environment. Through the acting of each passage of his life, the emotions, the changes, the conflicts, the struggle, the monologue of inner voices...through playback... You see more clearly what it is, and be peaceful again. 


If Alex’s story is a journey where you go through mental phases, there’s another audience Melody sharing her story about the journey of physical ones moving to different countries. From San Francisco to HK to Germany to Huizhou, to Shenzhen. Guess which one is her favorite? The answer is...Huizhou! Why? The people, that was the reason she left certain places. 

When acting, the actors showed how she changed places through the tools on the stage-the cloth and such, making it very artistic and interesting. There was a detail of getting hot water in a German restaurant. The audience emphasized with the good service in Germany which is where the actor Chris is from. He has completely different views on this. So he joked about it a bit, and hence lightened the atmosphere immediately.


The audiences loved how the stories carried out and bursted into laughters again and again. 

We all come together with our unique experiences. Different people have different interpretations on one thing, and when you bring all the contrasts together, humors happen. In humor, we see the truth of life.

Playback theatre knows deeply arts is rooted from real life. So they’re observant in life, rich experiences in learning another culture and such so it’s easy for them to comprehend the emotions the sharer expresses and present them in an art form for everybody to appreciate and to connect. 

Many people can connect with Melody’s story that we falling in love or having an aversion on a city would many times be based on seemingly tiny little things. Sometimes a little incident, a bad encounter with someone, and sometimes just the weather. To Melody, it’s the temperature of both the weather and the people.


You stay a place longer when that place creates lots of good memories for you. Many times, it’s how people make you feel. We all want to be liked, loved, appreciated. It makes me think what I can to make wherever I live more accommodative to others, make them feel happier. 

We heard the mental journey of Alex, we heard the physical journey of Melody moving to different places based on ‘how cold or how warm’ that place is, and we also heard a birthday girl telling our her confusion about growing up, where future leads.

I still remembered I myself would be so anxious during the period of marching on to my 26-year-old when moving to Shenzhen. I would try different things, which many times only leading to purely mistakes in vain. I thought constant change will bring me answer, not until later I realize it’s all about myself. How I perceive life, and what I can do today to make future better. I learned: Do not run away from problems, learn to dance with it, learn to conquer it. Then you know better. 

The one and half hour performance is like an emotion roller coaster, which took us from high points to low points and brought us back again. We all together created the collective memories of ‘Sharing happiness and sorrow’. It touched my heart and it touched everybody’s heart, coz everybody stayed true to themselves.


After the show, many people stayed for connecting with new friends and for catching up with old friends. It’s another journey we went through together. It’s precious. 

You have a story to share, actually, you have many many stories to share. Let us hear from you, your unique ideas and your unique experience. Through this, we connect and we... we become better. 

Shenzhen's English Playback Theatre  |  一人一故事

Shenzhen's English Playback Theatre  |  一人一故事


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Shenzhen's English Playback Theatre  |  一人一故事

Shenzhen's English Playback Theatre  |  一人一故事