WAPE 2021 Forum: Panel 11 &Panel 12

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WAPE 2021 Forum: Panel 11 &Panel 12

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Plenary Information

WAPE 2021 Forum

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PANEL 11. Inequality versus Common Prosperity 

Saturday, December 18 @ Beijing 14:00-16:00 (GMT 06:00-08:00)


Barashkova Olga, Senior Research Fellow at Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia



1. Reducing Social Inequality as a Factor in the Socialization of the Economy

Speaker: Barashkova Olga, Senior Research Fellow at Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia


2. Political Economy as a Methodological Basis for Analyzing the Problems of Deepening Inequality in the Distribution of Income and the Growing Contradictions Between Labor and Capital in the Conditions of Modern Oligarchic Capitalism

Speaker: Deineka Lyubov, Docent at Engineering Technological Academy of Southern Federal University, Russia


3. Old and New Vulnerable under Digital Economy

Speaker: Soboleva Irina, Chief Researcher and Head of Center for Employment Policy and Social and Labor Relations, Institute of Economics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia


4. Inequality in Different Welfare States: Status Quo, Reasons and Measures

Speaker: Li Linan, Associate Professor at School of Liberal Art, Xiamen Institute of Technology, China


5. Promoting Common Prosperity in High-Quality Development: a Political Economy Interpretation

Speaker: Zhou Shaodong, Professor at School of Marxism, Wuhan University, China

PANEL 12. Analysis of Technological, Socio-Economic and Human Progress: Potential of Political Economy

Saturday, December 18 @ Beijing 16:10-18:10 (GMT 08:10-10:10)




Buzgalin Aleksandr, Vice Chair of the World Association for Political Economy, Director of the Center for Modern Marxist Studies, Professor at the Department of Political Economy, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia



1. The Definition of Chinese modernization Mode: Historical Vision and Theoretical Interpretation

Speaker: Hou Weimin, Research Fellow at Academy of Marxism, Chinese Adacemy of Social Sciences,China

2.The Ukrainian Conflict and the Communist Party of Donetsk from the Perspective of Marxism-Leninism

Speaker: Boris Alekseyevich Litvinov, First secretary of the Donetsk Communist Party Central Committee, first secretary of the Donetsk Oblast Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine, Associate Doctor of Philosophy


3. Crisis of Transnationalization and Success of the Import Substitution Strategy in the Development of National High-tech Industries in Global Value Chains

Speaker: Tolkachev Sergey, Head of the Department of Macroeconomic Planning and Forecasting Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, Russia


4. Work Alienation during Fourth Industrial Revolution: Russian Experience

Speaker: Pletnev Dmitri, Associate Professor at Chelyabinsk State University, Russia


5. The Role of the State in the Implementation of Strategic Planning as a Mechanism for Reindustrialization

Speaker: Shafranskaya Anastasia, Senior Researcher at INIR im. S.Yu. Vitte, Russia


6. Research on Artificial Intelligence and New Changes in Capitalism

Speaker: Gao Shugui, Associate Professor at  Qingpu District Party Institute of CPC, Shanghai, China

7.To the Problem of Social Structure in the Era of Noonomics: the Experience of Synthesis of the Political Economic Approach of S. Bodrunov and the Socio-philosophical Approach of A. Honneth and Ju. Habermas

Speaker: Sviatoslav Viacheslavovich Shachin, Associate Professor at Department of Philosophy and Social Sciences, Murmansk Arctic State University, Russia

8. On Priority Directions of the Fight Against Corruption And Formalization of The Experts’ Assessments

Speaker: Ivan Alekseevish Blagikh, Professor at Department of History of Economics and Economic thoughts, Faculty of Economics, Saint Petersburg State University, Russia

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