WAPE 2021 Forum: Panel 23 &Panel 24

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WAPE 2021 Forum: Panel 23 &Panel 24

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WAPE 2021 Forum

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PANEL 23. Marxist Political Economy 

Sunday, December 19 @ Beijing 08:00-10:00 (GMT 00:00-02:00)


Jeff Noonan, Professor of Philosophy, University of Windsor, Canada



1. Beyond Price and Use-Value:  Life-Capital and the Future of Marxist Political Economy

Speaker: Jeff Noonan, Professor of Philosophy, University of Windsor, Canada


2. Rethinking Fake News from the Political Economy

Speaker: Mario Gonzalez Arencibia, Titular Professor at University of Computer Sciences, Cuba 


3. The Contribution Of The “School Of New Marxist Economics” To China’s Socialist Market Economy

Speaker: Zhang Yang, Post-doctoral Researcher at School of Marxism, Peking University, China


4. On the Theory of Allocation of Resources on Capital

Speaker: Wu Jianqi, Professor at Hebei University of Economics and Business, China


5. Rethinking the University in an Age of Educational Crisis

Speaker: Harry Targ, Political Science Emeritus at Purdue University, USA

PANEL 24. Can Latin America emulate the China Miracle of Development?

Sunday, December 19 @ Beijing 10:10-12:10 (GMT 02:10-4:10)




Heinz Dieterich, Vice Chair, World Association for Political Economy, WAPE, Paris/Beijing. Coordinator, The World Advanced Research Project, WARP. Global. Coordinator, The Center for Transition Sciences, CTS, Ciudad de México.



1. Can Latin America and the Caribbean Emulate the China Miracle? Prospects for Convergence Through Technological, Productive and Development Strategies

Speaker: Alicia Barcena, Executive Director at the United Nations’ Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) , Maxico


2. The Role of Class Dynamics in the Social Transformation of Macro Sized Societies Like China and Latin America

Speaker: Paul Cockshott, Honorary Researcher at Glasgow University, UK


3. Latin America: Dystopia Surpassed Utopía. Will Bolivar and Sun Tzu Ever Meet?

Speaker: Alexis Ponce, Founder and Spokesperson of the Permanent Assembly of Human Rights, Ecuador


4. World Economy, Pandemic and Latin America’s Perspectives: Any Strategy Discernible that Could Achieve A ‘Moderately Prosperous and Democratic Latin America’ by 2050?

Speaker: Oscar Ugarteche, Economist and Director, Observatorio Económico Latinoamericano, Peru


5. Five Centuries of Western Dominance Comes to an End: on the Agenda the Withdrawal of North American Hegemony and Multipolarity

Speaker: Carlos Alberto Pereyra Mele, Political Science Expert on South American Geopolitics, Executive Director, website Dossier Geopolítico, Argentina


6. It is Possible to Break the Monopolized Value Chain of Electric Vehicles: Lessons of the Bolivian Experience

Speaker: Muruchi Poma, Ph.D. Political Economy in GDR, Geopolitical Analyst, Director of the Digital Newsletter, Bolivia

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