WAPE 2021 Forum: Panel 27 &Panel 28

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WAPE 2021 Forum: Panel 27 &Panel 28

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Plenary Information

WAPE 2021 Forum

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PANEL 27. Marx’s Undiscovered Relevance to Contemporary Capitalism: Finance and Industry

Sunday, December 19 @ Beijing 08:00-10:00 (GMT 00:00-02:00)


Alan Freeman, Vice Chair of the World Association for Political Economy, UK



1. Why we Need to Return to Marx’s Insights on Finance Industry Relations

Speaker: Michael Hudson, President of the Institute for the Study of Long-Term Economic Trends (ISLET), Distinguished Research Professor of Economics at the University of Missouri, Kansas City, USA


2. The Geopolitical Economy of Capitalism’s Finance-Industry Relations

Speaker: Radhika Desai, Professor at Department of Political Studies, Director, Geopolitical Economy Research Group, University of Manitoba, President, Society for Socialist Studies, Canada


3. If the “Ecnomics” Cannot Forecast The Crisis,It's Because It Wants to Put Marx on the Sidelines

Speaker: Ascanio Bernardeschi, PhD history of economic, University of Siena, Member of the Editorial Board of the Communist Weekly Newspaper La Citta Futura, Italy

Panel 28.  Learning from History

Sunday, December 19 @ Beijing 10:10-12:10 (GMT 02:10-4:10)




Brandon Love, International Manifesto Group Member and Activist



1. Zhang Tailei (1898–1927): Apostle of China’s Liberation

Speaker: John Riddell, Member of the International Manifesto Group (IMG), Founder of the Communist International Publishing Project, Canada


2. Rosa Luxemburg and Marx's Scheme for reproduction on an expanded scale

Speaker: Sekiguchi Nobumichi, Independent Researcher, Member of the Japan Society of Political Economy, Japan


3. Engels’s Thought of the Self-Emancipation of the Working Class and Its Contemporary Value

Speaker: Lyu Xiaofeng, Ph. D Candidate at Department of Marxist Studies, University of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China


4. On the System of Ancient Chinese Political Economy from a Broad Perspective

Speaker: Chai Yi, Associate Professor at School of Economics, Yunnan University, China


5. China Development Model 2021

Speaker: Chris Matlhako, Second Deputy General-Secretary of the South African Communist Party (SACP), Member of the Working Group of the International Meeting of Communist and Workers Parties (IMCWP), Member of the Executive Committee of the World Peace Council (WPC), Coordinator of the Africa Left Network Forum (ALNEF), South Africa

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