9th BioCon-Antibody 2022

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9th BioCon-Antibody 2022

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As one of the key directions of biological industry, Antibody drugs continue to make new breakthroughs. With the continuous progress of technology, clinic and the turning point of commercialization, Bispecific /Multi-specific Antibody and ADCs has became industry focus as the frontier innovation field. However, we face concentrated targets layout, the homogenization of project approval, severe challenges of druggability & developability, process development & scale-up and CMC strategic & compliance.

· How to deeply explore Biological mechanisms/clinical needs?

· How to differentiate target selection and combination strategy?

· How to better design/engineer molecules to improve efficacy and reduce negative effects/toxicity?

· How to deal with complex structure's scale-up and early-phase CMC challenges?

· How to promote innovative drugs (XDC/Multi-specific Antibody…)?

Based on the above situation, BioCon China 2022, as the annual conference with the highest participation of Chinese biopharmaceutical enterprises, will launch a series of conferences that focus on Antibody in Shanghai Marriott Hotel Parkview on March 22-23. It will provide higher quality, deeper level, newest topics of global antibody drugs which focus on Bispecific/ Multi-specific Antibody and ADCs. This conference intends to build a professional and high-quality platform for domestic and foreign companies to discuss policies, technologies, display products and develop businesses. Fully promote the development of the biopharmaceutical-antibodies industry!

Structure and Highlights


Target Audience

Antibody industry ( mAb/BsAbs/NanoAb/ADCs and Other Antibodies ) chain: R&D and Manufacturing Institutes and Companies, industrial parks and investment institutions, upstream and downstream service providers


Part of Previous Distinguished Speakers
  • Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering
  • Former Director of Quantitative, Pharmacology of FDA
  • Professor, Zhiyuan College, Shanghai Jiao Tong University; Director of Engineering Research Center, Ministry of education of cell, engineering and antibody medicine
    朱建伟院长为中组部“千人计划”特聘专家,上海交通大学“致远”讲席教授,药学院院长,“细胞工程及抗体药物教育部工程研究中心”主任,致力于生物技术药物的研发及产业化。1987年毕业于中国上海医药工业研究院,获得博士学位。曾主持并完成(1990年)国家“863”重组蛋白药物白细胞介素-2的产业化平台项目,并先后在美国麻省理工学院(MIT)、哈佛大学(Harvard University)和美国国家卫生国立研究院(NIH)的生物药物开发计划工作,回国前任美国国立卫生研究院生物药物开发计划的技术运行总监。朱博士在美国国家癌症研究所工作近二十年中,负责几十种各类生物药物的可行性研究、生产工艺开发和优化、临床开发研究、工程放大及GMP设施的建设等。具有丰富的生物药物产业物经验。朱博士还曾被聘为NIH、国际疫苗研究所(联合国建立)以及多家跨国公司的顾问,对亚洲和中国的生物制药企业的GMP管理提供专业审计。近年来,朱博士在创新双特异抗体,免疫毒素,ADC以及重组蛋白药物的生产技术方面取得显著成绩,发表40多篇论文,10多项专利,2本专著。
  • CEO, Shanghai Junshi biosciences Co., Ltd
  • General Manager, Head of Development Division, Daiichi Sankyo (China) Holdings Co., Ltd.
  • Chief Scientific Officer, Biotherapeutic Lead Generation at Eli Lilly and Company
  • CEO, EpimAb Biotherapeutics
  • Founder of Alphamab Co.
  • vice President of Innovent Bio
  • CSO, Senior VP, Head of Research & Early Clinical Development at CStonepharma
  • Vice General Manager, Bioanalytical Sciences, Shanghai Henlius Biotech
  • VP, Clinical Research Department, Brii Biosciences
  • CSO, Tavotek
  • Founder&CEO, Medilink Therapeutics
  • CSO, GeneQuantum Healthcare
  • 不分先后
  • Previous BioCon Review

    BioCon China, which has successfully held for eight years, is aimed to build platform for Chinese biopharmaceutical companies, domestic and foreign regulatory agencies and leading international biopharmaceutical companies. With eight years of experience that focusing on biopharmaceutical industry, BioCon China has accumulated 10000+ participants from global senior biopharmaceutical industry, 500+ industry-leading service and product suppliers, and 700+ industry leaders have participated in expert lectures and seminars.


    With the development of biopharmaceutical industry, the Antibody Forum focused on the whole process of antibody drugs: early discovery, preclinical research, process and CMC development, clinical medicine, commercial production and marketing, etc. This year, it has made efforts to focus on the Bispecific/Multi-specificantibody, ADCs and other conjugated drugs. BioCon-Antibody will continue to explore industry's hotspots, build a platform for the upstream and downstream within the industry, and innovate with colleagues. 


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