7th International School Counselors Summit

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7th International School Counselors Summit

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7th International School Counselors Summit


     At the end of 2019, the sudden outbreak of the epidemic--COVID-19 covered the whole global village like a black cloud, seriously obstructing normal international communication. By 2022, COVID-19 has become a normal situation, which not only changed the world and life, but also affected everyone's way of thinking and life track. In particular, as for the entrance, the enthusiasm of students and their parents to study abroad has not waned, but they have to deal with the complex impact of the COVID-19. The teachers, who play the important role of "pathfinder" in students' life, need to keep learning, keep pace with The Times, have a prejudgment in the face of the complex situation in the future, and find new paths and make new breakthroughs in the work of college guidance.

      In view of this, The 7th ISCS International School Counselors Summit (ISCS2022) will be held under the theme of "Start Here,  Empower Future". "Start Here" means that based on the present. It is hoped that this conference will continue to empower international schools' college guidance, and encourage college guidance teachers to lay a solid foundation, adapt to the situation and stick to their own duties at the present stage. Secondly, " Empower Future" means to help students and achieve their future by connecting more relevant resources of universities at home and abroad.

Basic Imformation

Theme:Start Here.Empower Future

Conference Date: April 9-10, 2022

Location: Shanghai

Format: Keynote Speech +Panel Discussion + Resource Exhibition

Participants: International Schools & Bilingual schools, College Counselors, Education Administrators, Researchers, Third-Party Service Providers, etc

【Concurrent Events】

  • The 2nd Lighthouse College Counselor Selection

Competition Settings:

Primary + second interview

Prize: Certificate + An opportunity to be a workshop speaker on the Summit

Activity Time: Registration period: January 15th - February 11th

Participants: college counseling instructors, including but not limited to private bilingual schools, high school international department, foreign children's schools, etc

Registration Consultation:13269809870(same as WeChat)

  • Higher Education Resources Exhibition at Home and Abroad

Two big exhibition

1. Exhibition of Business Resources

2. Exhibition of Entrance Program

  • Sharing and Public Solicitation of Latest Cases

1. Sharing of American early application cases

2. Low scores make higher admission

3. Multi-country and cross-major application


  • Facilitating Diversified Entrance under COVID-1

1.Data and Policy Analysis of Study Aboard and Entrance

2.The Credibility of online Exam Programs and Courses

3.Research on the diversity of Background Promotion projects

4.Discussion on Early Application Status

5.Choice of Alternative Programs for Domestic Higher Education

6.Study on Entrance Path for Europe and Asia

  • Enabling Ecological Career Development

7.Standard definition and Career Development of Entrance Counselor

8.Ecosphere Constructionof On-Campus Guidance and Off-Campus Organization

9.The Status and Long-term Development of Entrance Guidence in International Schools

10.Home-School Construction and Student Psychological Guidance

【Registration Consultation】

Contact Number:13269809870(Same as WeChat)

【Business Cooperation】

TopSchools Business:13269809560(Same as WeChat)

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7th International School Counselors Summit
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Date & Location
Date:  2022-04-09 07:00 ~ 04-10 18:00
Location:   待定, Minhang, Shanghai