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Hangzhou - Hiring Tournament Multiple Tech Roles

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Hangzhou - Hiring Tournament Multiple Tech Roles

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Hangzhou - Hiring Tournament Multiple Tech Roles

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We're coming to Hangzhou on Sunday, December 10th to host a tournament-style event to hire remote Chief Software Architects, Software Architects, QA and Support Architects and Engineers for Global software enterprises. We are looking to hire as many as 50 people during this event! We ran hiring tournaments all across the world. Now it's Hangzhou's turn!

We will use our transparent, gamified and competitive process to find the best-of-the-best people. After passing a final interview, you will receive a compensation that is dependant on the position, but the salaries are shown with each of our positions below. Results will be faster than the classical application method. 

Crossover is an Austin, TX-based HR and Technology company finding the top 1% of talent around the world. We also have a unique technology that enables full time remote work from wherever you live or travel.

This gamified concept was tested by Crossover in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Bucharest, Timisoara, Budapest, Krakow, Warsaw, Istanbul, St. Petersburg, Lahore, Cairo, Moscow, Karachi, Kiev, Madrid and Lviv before, and we successfully hired over 300 amazing senior software developers from around the world.

Which positions are we hiring for?

  • Java Chief Software Architect
  • Ruby on Rails Chief Software Architect - USD $100K/yr

  • Java Chief Software Architect - USD $100K/yr

  • .NET Chief Software Architect - USD $100K/yr

  • Other roles we are hiring for on the same day:

  • Software Engineering Manager (Java, .NET, Ruby on Rails, PHP) - USD $100K/yr

  • iOS Chief Architect - USD $100K/yr

  • Android Chief Architect - USD $100K/yr

  • Cloud Chief Architect - USD $100K/yr

  • Python Architect - USD $60K/yr

  • Software Architects in Java, Ruby, and C# .NET, - USD $60K/yr

  • Java Engineer - USD $30K/yr

  • .NET Engineer - USD $30K/yr

  • QA Engineer - USD $30k/yr
  • Other Roles to be updated

!! The Tournament concept is shorter than the online process (we integrated all the evaluation steps in one day), so we highly recommend you to join the event !!

Check out a video from a recent tournament we hosted in Rio, Brazil.

Rio Hiring Tournament Video

The Tournament will be limited to best software talents with the needed experience in the technologies we need only. Register using the green button at the top of this page.

Tentative Event Schedule:

- 09:00 Registration
- 10:00 Introduction and instructions
- 10:30 Round 1 tests
- 12:30 Lunch - We will provide Food and drinks and a Q/A Panel session
- 14:00 Round 2 tests
- 17:00 Technical Interviews
- 19:00 Winner Announcements

All participants: we kindly ask you to bring your LAPTOPS (any OS accepted)

How can you get more information?

You can send us your questions to and our brand ambassador in Hangzhou can get more information for you or join us for an informal meeting before the tournament with Per Markus Tornberg - Country General Manager (who will be in Hangzhou before the tournament) to get more information in person.

** The event will take place in the Shangri-La Hotel, 78 Beishan Road, Hangzhou

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Date & Location
Date:  2017-12-10 09:30 ~ 19:00
Location:   香格里拉饭店, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province