The First International Conference on Mechanical System Dynamics

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All submitted papers, after reviewed and revision, will be accepted for publication in 

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Only selected papers will be recommended and submitted for review in

International Journal of Mechanical System Dynamics



Welcome to the 1st ICMSD

The First International Conference on Mechanical System Dynamics (1st ICMSD) will be held from August 24 to 27, 2022 in Nanjing, China, in hybrid mode (in person and online).

The conference is hosted by the Nanjing University of Science & Technology (NJUST), Chinese Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (CSTAM), the International Association of Applied Mechanics (IAAM), Wiley, Chinese Society of Launch Dynamics (planned) and International Journal of Mechanical System Dynamics. It is jointly organized by 20 universities worldwide, co-hosted by 34 universities and institutes, and supported by National Nature Science Foundation of China. The vision of the conference is to bring together different kinds of research to enhance multidisciplinary interaction, and to ultimately promote development of mechanical system dynamics to a higher level. It is pleased to invite prospective scientists to attend the 1st ICMSD.

Introduction of ICMSD


Introduction of ICMSD

Mechanical system dynamics is one of the pillars of almost all industries such as machinery, aero & astronautics, marine engineering, transportation, biology, etc. It is the key technology for almost all industrial equipment. It plays a significant role in leading the development of modern science and technology and receives increasing attention worldwide. 

The standing International Conference on Mechanical System Dynamics (ICMSD) aims to systematically reveal the vital effect of mechanical system dynamics on the whole lifetime of modern industrial equipment. It serves as a standing international forum for promoting the extensive and in-depth academic exchange on dynamics concerning advanced theory, modeling, computation, analysis, software, design, manufacturing, testing, and evaluation of general mechanical systems. Together with many universities and research institutions all over the world, the standing ICMSD is intended to be held biennially by different institutions in turn in different countries.

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Contact Us

If you have any questions and need our help, please contact us

Tel: +86-187 6167 1306 (Pingxin Wang, Secretary)

Tel: +86-188 1075 8297 (Jiang Cui, Secretary)

Email: icmsd2021@njust.edu.cn


Since 1st ICMSD is a hybrid conference, all presentations will be displayed on our virtual platform. To ensure the smooth running of the conference, please read the following information carefully.

1. Power Point Slides for Oral Presenters

All oral presenters are required to submit their Power Point (PPT) slides to the conference secretariat via email (icmsd2021@njust.edu.cn) before July 20, 2022. The PPT size should be in 4:3 and the presentation language MUST be English. Please follow the following file name format - Manuscript ID_Familyname_Givenname (for instance, ICMSD-000001_Zhang_San).

2. Pre-recorded video

Considering the unpredictability of the COVID-19, we strongly recommend that all participants send a pre-recorded video to the conference secretariat via email (icmsd2021@njust.edu.cn), whether they are presenting virtually or in person, before July 20, 2022. Please check the website links below for guidance on how to record your video using PowerPoint or Zoom ( How to record a video with PowerPoint [ https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/record-a-presentation-2570dff5-f81c-40bc-b404-e04e95ffab33?ui=en-us&rs=en-us&ad=us ]

 | How to record a video with ZOOM [ https://www.ou.edu/cas-online/website/documents/Using%20Zoom%20to%20Record%20Presentations.pdf ] ).

The required format for the pre-recorded video is as follows:

1)      Size 4:3 (horizontal)

2)      Maximum 15 minutes

3)      MP4 format (if possible edited with H264 compression)

4)      English language is required

Please follow the following the video name format - Manuscript ID_Familyname_Givenname (for instance, ICMSD-000001_Zhang_San.mp4)


3. Sign the consent

Please sign the consent attached in this email to permit the 1st ICMSD organizer to use your photographs, audio or video recordings. Please follow the following file name format – Consent_Manuscript ID_Familyname_Givenname (for instance, Consent_ICMSD-000001_Zhang_San.docx).

The First International Conference on Mechanical System DynamicsConsent to use photographic_audio_video recordings.docx


 Guidelines for posters at the First International Conference on Mechanical System Dynamics


(1)   The poster size

The poster size should be 80cm (width)*110cm (height), as shown in the following figure.


(2)   The basic information in the poster

The poster MUST contain the following information:

·            The paper ID (ICMSD-000XXX).

·            The title of the poster.

·            The names of the authors, with the presenter indicated by a hash (#).

·            The author(s) affiliations.


(3)   The font size

Title should be in large fonts and attract potential viewers. The minimum font size of the main body text is recommended as 28pt. The minimum font size of the references part is recommended as 20pt. The font(s) employed in the poster should be of size to be readily legible and clear to other delegates. A maximum of 1000 words is recommended for one poster.


(4)   The poster structures

The layout of the poster should follow a clear logical pattern. It is recommended that the poster contains, but not be restricted to, the following sections:

Abstract: a brief statement of the work

Introduction: Sets out the research question being answered or addressed.

Method: The experimental, theoretical and other methods that were used.

Results: A clear presentation of the results and a description of their importance. Tables and graphs should stand alone, complete and informative in itself.

Conclusions: Comments on main results and discuss potential biases.

References: References where used should be assigned a number and placed in the list of references at the end of the poster—similar to the list that follows. Each time this source is cited in the text, it should be referred to by its original number. Each number should be placed in brackets at the end of the referenced phrase before any final punctuation mark, e.g., as [1]. A sample of listings is provided as:

[1] Smith, T., Jones, M.: 'The title of the paper', IET Syst. Biol., 2007, 1, (2), pp. 1–7

[2] Borwn, L., Thomas, H., James, C., et al.: 'The title of the paper', IET Communications, 2012, 6, (5), pp. 125-138

[3] Jones, L., Brown, D.: 'The title of the conference paper'. Proc. Int. Conf. Systems Biology, Stockholm, Sweden, May 2006, pp. 1–7

[4] Hodges, A., Smith, N.: 'The title of the book chapter', in Brown, S. (Ed.): 'Handbook of Systems Biology' (IEE Press, 2004, 1st edn.), pp. 1–7

Acknowledgments: Individuals, agent, companies and etc. who have supported the research work should be acknowledged.

Figures: Figures should be clearly labeled and referred in the text of the poster. Axes and legends on graphs should be clear and properly identified.

Illustrations: Illustrations should be relevant and be treated as “Figures” and labeled as such.

Scientific Units: All measurements and quantities should adopt the SI units.


(5)   The poster template and format

The poster template can be downloaded at the following. The poster structure can be flexible according to the needs of the presenter.  Please 'save as' or convert the post to one of the following formats:

1) PDF: vector drawings, embed all used fonts;

2) TIFF (or JPEG): keep to a minimum of 300 dpi.


(6)   How to submit the poster

All poster presenters are required to submit their posters to the conference secretariat via email (icmsd2021@njust.edu.cn) before August 4, 2022. Please follow the following file name format: Manuscript ID_Familyname_Givenname (for instance, ICMSD-000001_Zhang_San).

The First International Conference on Mechanical System Dynamicsposter template.pptx