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2-DAY Deep Knowledge CONFERENCE 两天深度知识论坛大会 (Nov 1st, 2nd)
2018-11-02 18:00
Sold Out
The ticket requires approval by the organizer.
- Once you have completed your registration, you will receive an email with a copy of your registration details. 
- Fees are non-refundable after 30 Sept 2018. Refunded ticket will be subjected to service charge. 
- More conference details, please check HITBSecConf2018 Beijing website. 
- All fully paid training and conference attendees will receive lunch and two coffee services per day.
- 一旦阁下完成注册,阁下将会收到一份电子邮件,其中包括一份阁下注册详情的副本。 
- 2018年9月30日以后费用不予退还。机票退票将被收取服务费。
- 更多会议详情,请登录HITBSecConf2018 Beijing官网查询。
- 已全额付费的培训学员和参会者可每天享受午餐和两次咖啡服务。
JD-HITB CommSec Track (30 & 60 minute talk) Nov 1st, 2nd
2018-11-02 18:00
Sold Out
The ticket requires approval by the organizer.
Community of makers, builders and breakers to send us their 30 minute talk abstracts for consideration to be included in a separate 2-day single-track of talks (1st and 2nd November). Access to these track of talks is completely FREE TO ATTEND and we are encouraging everyone to come!

Refund Description:
- Fees are non-refundable after 30 Sept 2018. Refunded ticket will be subjected to service charge
*** 取消政策 ***
- 2018年9月30日以后费用不予退还。机票退票将被收取服务费。

- If HITB is forced to close a training class due to low enrollment, you have the following options:
1. Receive a refund your monies in full should you choose to cancel your training – you will not be assessed an administrative fee.
2. Move to another class if there is space in the class.
- Please note that if the newly selected course is more expensive then you must pay the difference. If the newly selected course is less expensive, you will be given a refund for the difference in the original payment instrument.
*** HITB取消培训班 ***
- 如果HITB因招生人数较少而被迫关闭培训班,阁下将具有以下选择:
1. 如果阁下选择取消培训,阁下将获得全额退款—阁下不会被收取管理费。
2. 如果其他班有名额,可转至其他班。
- 请注意,如果新选择的课程学费更高,则阁下必须支付差额。如果新选择的课程学费更低,阁下将获得原始付款凭证中的差额的退款。

- If you wish to change classes, you must contact us by 30 Sept 2018.
*** 培训班变更申请 ***
- 如果阁下希望转班,阁下必须在2018年9月30日之前与我们联系。

- All training course seats are first come, first paid.
- Paid registrants fail to send a substitute, or do not attend the conference forfeit their entire registration fee.
- Registrants who must cancel may substitute another person by emailing us with details of your substitution request.
- Paid registrants who cancel and do not substitute another person will receive a refund less a 20% processing fee if notification is submitted before 30 Sept 2018.
- If you cancel and re-register, your new registration will reflect the current pricing. Earlier registration pricing will not be honored.
- If you have erroneously registered twice for the same event (e.g. twice for the conference or same training class), please email us IMMEDIATELY or you will be responsible for the costs of both registrations.
- If you have already registered and paid your registration in full, you are not eligible for a discount if your organization also submits and qualifies for a discount code at a later date.
- We reserve the right to cancel your duplicate registrations without notice.
*** 培训班预订 ***
- 所有培训课程席位均以先到、先付款为原则。
- 已付款的注册者若未能派遣替代者或未能出席会议,则注册费将予以全额没收。
- 注册者若必须取消课程,可以通过给我们发送电子邮件,并提供阁下替代申请的详细信息,藉此为他人所替代。
- 已付款的注册者若取消课程,且并未为他人所替代,可获得扣除20%处理费后的退款,但前提是在2018年9月30日以前提交通知。
- 如果阁下取消并重新注册,则阁下的新注册将体现出现行定价。较早的注册定价不予执行。
- 如果阁下对同一次活动注册错误两次(比如会议或同一个培训班注册错误两次),请立即给我们发送电子邮件,否则,阁下应负责承担两次注册的费用。
- 如果阁下已经注册且全额支付注册费用,但阁下所在机构稍后也提交并符合优惠资格,阁下将无资格享受优惠。
- 我们保留取消阁下重复注册的权利,恕不另行通知。

Continuing Professional Education Credits (CPE) for those who are certified through ISC(2):
- 8 CPE units for each single day training session
- 16 CPE units for each two day training session
- 16 CPE units for the two day conference
*** 继续教育学分 ***
- 每天培训课获得8个 CPE学分
- 每两天培训课获得16个 CPE学分
- 为期两天的会议获得16 个CPE学分

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