The 6th International Congress of Intelligent and Connected Vehicles Technology

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1.Development, Testing and Evaluation
System Architecture of Autonomous Driving Vehicle
Integration and Control of Electronic Systems
Architecture and Algorithm Implementation of Control Strategy Software
Virtual Development, Testing and Validation
Closed and Public Road Testing
Construction and Testing of Intelligent Driving Holographic Scene Database
Development, Testing and Validation in Virtual Environment
Testing Technology and Validation Tool
Test and Evaluation Method of Autonomous Driving Function
2.Environment Perception, Decision and Control
Innovation of Key Technology for Camera and Radar
ADAS and Key Technologies of Autonomous Driving
Sensor Integration Technologies
Sensor Fusion Technologies
Redundancy Mechanism Design of Multi-Sensor
Path Planning and Effect Evaluation
Decision-making of Intelligent Driving
Innovation of Intelligent Active Safety Technology
Vehicle Dynamics and Kinematics Control
Actuator of Intelligent Vehicles and its Safety, Research and Development of Remote Control Vehicles
3.AI & AD
Image Recognition and Perception
Machine learning, Deep learning and Reinforcement learning
Intelligent Chip
Computing Platform of Intelligent and Connected Vehicles
AI Technology for Big Data
Behavior Prediction and Intention Judgment
4.V2X Technology and Intelligent Traffic
LTE and 5G Communication Technology
Standards of V2X Application, Network and Communication
V2I/V2V Cooperative Control Technology
Intelligent Road and Synergic Development of V2I
Vehicular Sensor, Networking and Communication
Technology Foundation of V2X: Cloud Access, Big Data, AI and Edge Computing
Intelligent Network Traffic
Smart City, Smart Transportation, Smart Vehicles
V2X Simulation Platform
Connected Autonomous Driving
Cloud Control Basic Platform
5. Autopilot Map
High Definition Self-learning Map
High Speed and Definition Positioning Technology (GPS, Visual and Wireless Positioning and Multi-source Information Fusion Technology, etc.)
Environment Perception and High Definition Positioning
Information Fusion Technology of HD Map/Positioning and Camera
Vehicle Driving State and Its Key Parameter Identification Technology
6.Cyber Security
Defense in Depth System of Automotive Information Security
Autonomous and Controllable On-board Password System
Secure Communication and Authentication Technology
ECU and Interior Communication Security Technology
Vulnerability Database, Control and Emergency Response of Automobile Information Security
Certificate Authority of V2X Communication Security
7.Co-pilot and HMI
Intelligent Vehicle HMI Design for Driving Experience
Al-driven Vehicle HMI Technology
Human Factor in Driving and Its Application in Automobile HMI Design