SPDK/PMDK/VTune™ Amplifier China Summit 2019

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SPDK/PMDK/VTune™ Amplifier China Summit 2019

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  • Software Engineering Director, Intel Corporation
    Lin Zhou is a Software Engineering Director at Intel China. He joined Intel in 2004 and currently he oversees NPG PRC software engineering activities. He manages software teams for network/storage acceleration and transformation including development and validation for Intel® QuickAssist Technology (QAT), Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK), Storage Performance Development Kit (SPDK), Intel® Intelligent Storage Acceleration Library (ISA-L) and several SDN/NFV related open source projects. Before Intel, Lin had worked in Motorola for two years.
  • Principal Engineer SPDK Chief Architect, Intel Corporation
    Jim Harris is a principal software engineer in Intel’s Data Center Group and the chief software architect of the Storage Performance Development Kit (SPDK) open source project. Jim was instrumental in starting the SPDK project at Intel in 2013 to provide a framework for building high performant and efficient storage software to take advantage of current and next generation non-volatile media. Jim has served in a wide variety of storage software related roles during his 18 years at Intel. He holds an MS in computer science from Case Western Reserve University.
  • Senior Principal Engineer, Intel Corporation
    Andy Rudoff is a Senior Principal Engineer at Intel Corporation, focusing on Non-Volatile Memory programming. He is a contributor to the SNIA NVM Programming Technical Work Group. His more than 30 years industry experience includes design and development work in operating systems, file systems, networking, and fault management at companies large and small, including Sun Microsystems and VMware. Andy has taught various Operating Systems classes over the years and is a co-author of the popular UNIX Network Programming text book.
  • Director, Analysis & Monitoring Engineering, Intel Corporation
    Sri Doddapaneni leads development of software analyzers products spanning compute and graphics performance, parallelism, power, software correctness. With over 25 years of experience in compilers, debuggers, profilers, emulators, distributed & embedded systems, and hardware platforms, he specializes in designing and developing analysis tools that provide accurate and holistic profiles of software application on Intel platforms. Sri holds a B.Tech.(Honors) from Indian Institute of Technology at Kharagpur and a PhD from Georgia Institute of Technology, both in computer science.
  • Engineering Manager, IT Platform Products and Management Division,Hitachi
    Shuhei Matsumoto is an engineering manager at Hitachi in IT Platform Products and Management Devision. He is responsible for providing technical oversight for the SPDK project as one of core maintainers, and driving SPDK adoption and open source efforts in Hitachi. Prior to starting SPDK, he was a chief architect and developer of x86 and IA64 hypervisor for the Hitachi blade server. He has a BEng and MEng in System Engineering from Keio Uniersity.
  • Senior Software Engineer, XSKY
    Erlang Li comes from XSKY, a high-tech enterprise focused on Software Defined Infrastructure business and focuses on storage systems for 7 years.
  • Storage Technical Specialist, Alibaba
    Yi Zhang is storage technical specialist from Alibaba, majorly focuses on Ceph, distributed storage, RocksDB, user space File System, driver and SSD performance tuning related work.
  • Storage Technical Specialist, Alibaba
    Zhengyong Wang is storage technical specialist from Alibaba, majorly focuses on distributed storage, user space File System, driver and SSD performance tuning related work.
  • Software Engineer
    Crane Chu, a software engineer interested on Flash file system, SSD firmware and storage system. He was trying to introduce concepts and practices of continuous integration, Agile development, and software-defined storage to SSD firmware developing and testing. The pynvme, an open-source project based on SPDK NVMe driver, is one of his efforts to improve SSD developing efficiency and quality.
  • Senior Software Engineer, UCloud
    Yutian Yang, a software engineer, from UCloud block storage team, participated in the research and development of high performance RSSD.
  • Director, SW, Mellanox
    Sasha Kotchubievsky,Director, SW in Mellanox. Sasha has been in Mellanox for 7 years in engineering and managing positions. He brings more than 20 years’ experience in software development. In Mellanox, Sasha leads SW development in a number of projects in Inifiniband management and storage areas including in-network computation. Sasha holds an MS in Applied Mathematics from Novosibirsk State University. He is a proud dad of three daughters.
  • Principal Software Architect, Mellanox
    Oren Duer,Principal Software Architect 11 years in Mellanox focusing on storage RDMA protocols R&D and architecture. Last couple of years main focus around NVMe and NVMe-oF, including offloads and accelerations that are part of the ConnectX and BlueField device families.
  • Senior System Engineer, Baidu
    Senior Systems Engineer of Baidu, Ph. D., graduated from Blue Whale Storage Laboratory, Institute of Computing, Chinese Academy of Sciences. His scope of work includes distributed storage and single-machine storage engine.
  • Senior Software Engineer, Intel Corporation
    Chunyang Hui is a senior software engineer at Intel and involved in SPDK (storage performance development kit) development work and ISA-L (Intel software acceleration library)
  • Senior Software Engineer, Intel Corporation
    Ziye Yang is a senior software engineer at Intel and involved in SPDK (storage performance development kit) development work. Before that, Ziye worked at EMC for 4.5 years. Ziye is interested in system virtualization, file system and storage related research and development work. Ziye currently has 14 granted patents in US and 7 granted patents in PRC. Ziye holds a master degree in computer science from Fudan University in 2009
  • Senior Software Engineer, Intel Corporation
    Changpeng Liu is a senior software engineer at Intel and the core maintainer of SPDK (storage performance development kit) project.
  • Senior Software Engineer, Intel Corporation
    Xiaodong Liu is a senior software engineer at Intel and involved in SPDK (storage performance development kit) development work.
  • Senior Software Enginner, Intel Corporation
    Jin Yu is a senior software engineer at Intel and involved in SPDK (storage performance development kit) development work.
  • Strategic Business Development Manager, Intel Corporation
    Benny Ni is a 16-year veteran of the flash memory and storage, previously working on Intel NOR flash development, SSD development and SSD application engineering. Benny currently works as Strategic Business Development Manager of Intel NVM Solutions Group, managing datacenter business in China.
  • Strategic Planner, Intel Corporation
    Ping She is strategic planner for storage software at Intel Non-volatile Memory Solution Group. Before that, Ping has been firmware and driver software engineer for storage device for 10 years, Technical Marketing Engineer and Product Line Manager for 4 years.
  • Senior Principal Engineer and Director of Storage Architecture, Intel Corporation
    Steve Miller is the Sr. Principal Engineer and Director of Storage Architecture for Intel’s Data Center Group. Steve and his team are responsible for identifying trends and technologies across the datacenter related to storage and driving innovation into Data Center Products. Prior to joining Intel, Steve spent 10 years at NetApp as the Sr. Technical Director for storage systems. In this role Steve was responsible for storage system architecture, hardware innovation and silicon vendor technical relationships. Steve was responsible for creating the flash cache product, the first use of flash in enterprise storage systems. Prior to NetApp, Steve spent 14 years at Silicon Graphics, as a Chief Engineer, responsible for Origin and Altix supercomputer architectures as well as indigo2 and octane workstations. While at SGI, Steve was an integral part of the MIPS to Itanium CPU transition, developed several ASICs for I/O and graphics interconnects, served as Principal Investigator for DARPA’s HPCS program as well as several other government sponsored research programs. Steve has 52 issued US patents in the areas of storage, I/O, and high performance computing.
  • Technical Consulting Engineer Manager, Intel Corporation
    Yang Wang is the technical consulting engineer manager from Intel Compute Performance & Developer Products Division. He specializes in enabling customers to use Intel Software Development tools to build, debug, profile and optimize their system/applications across all lines of Intel processors. Yang is an expert in embedded/IoT platforms and spent 15 years working on software development and consultancy with Intel Compilers, Debuggers and Profilers to broader customers.
  • Lead Technical Consulting Engineer (TCE), Intel Corporation
    Jackson Marusarz is a lead technical consulting engineer (TCE) in Intel's Compute Performance & Developer Products Division. As the lead TCE for Intel® VTune™ Amplifier, Jackson’s main focus is on software performance analysis and tuning for both serial and multi-threaded applications. His time is split between figuring out how to analyze and tune software, and how to create tools that help others do the same.
  • Performance Monitoring Engineer, Intel Corporation
    Sudha Udanapalli Thiagarajan is a Performance Monitoring Engineer at Intel. Her current primary focus is Intel® Optane™ DC Persistent Memory and Intel® Xeon processors performance monitoring validation. Prior to being a Performance Monitoring Engineer she worked for several years as an Application Engineer focused on tuning, analysis and optimizing applications in the HPC domain.
  • Senior Software Development Engineer, Intel Corporation
    Sergei Vinogradov is a Senior Software Development Engineer at Intel. He has been working at Intel more than 7 years on performance profiling tools and threading runtime libraries. Sergei developed several new features to Intel® VTune™ Amplifier XE and prototyped new features for heterogeneous computations in Intel® Threading Building Blocks library. During the past three years, Sergey has been working on persistent memory programming support for C++ developers.
  • Technical Consulting Engineer, Intel Corporation
    Zhuowei Si is a technical consulting engineer in Intel's Compute Performance & Developer Products Division located at Shanghai. James mainly covers the Intel VTune Amplifier and Intel Optimized AI Frameworks support and has 3 years’ experience in performance analysis and profiling with VTune. James also has delivered tens of trainings, hands-on labs and on-site support in areas of the Intel products he covers to customers and developers.
  • Senior Software Development Engineer, Intel Corporation
    Roman Sudarikov is a Senior Software Development Engineer at Intel’s CVCG’s Developer Products Division. He is a part of Intel® VTune™ Amplifier development team and is leading I/O performance analysis in the product.
  • Software Engineer, Intel Corporation
    Usha Upadhyayula is a software engineer at Intel with 15+ years of experience working in various areas of product development life cycle. She is currently focused on enabling customers to fully utilize and accelerate the adoption of Intel® Optane™ Persistent Memory technology.
  • Software Engineer, Intel Corporation
    Szymon Romik is a software engineer at Intel currently focusing on Persistent Memory Programming. Previously, he worked as a lead software engineer at Ericsson focusing on 5G technologies. Szymon received his M.Sc. in Mathematics from Jagiellonian University in Cracow.
  • Cloud Software Engineer, Intel Corporation
    Dennis Wu is a Cloud Software Engineer at Intel. He is the key player of Intel Could Engineering team and mainly focuses on the software and solution analysis and optimization for the China CSP customers. In the recent two years he is mainly working on optimizing Redis, RocksDB on DCPMM and promotes the solutions to customers. He also works closely with PMDK development team and promote PMDK to China CSP customers.
  • Senior Software Development Engineer, Intel Corporation
    Yuan Zhou is a senior software development engineer in the Software and Service Group at Intel, where he works on the Open Source Technology Center team primarily focused on big data storage software. He's been working in databases, virtualization, and cloud computing for most of his 7+ year career at Intel.
  • Software Engineer, Intel Corporation
    Yuqiang Ye is a software engineering of Intel Big Data team. He worked for big data area for more than 4 years. Current his focus is about IA optimization for data analytics area.
  • Co-Founder and CTO, Memverge
    Yue Li is a co-founder and the Chief Technology Officer of MemVerge. Previously, he worked as a senior post-doctoral scholar in memory systems at the California Institute of Technology. Yue has extensive research experience on both theoretical and experimental aspects of algorithms for non-volatile memories. His research has been published in top journals and conferences on data storage. Yue received his PhD in computer science from Texas A&M University, and his B.Sc. in Information Security from Huazhong University of Science and Technology.
  • Core Software Architect, Memverge
    Wei Kang is a core software architect in MemVerge. Previously, he worked as product manager at Loongstore and software engineer at EMC. Wei has more than ten years of working experience on file system development and storage product management. Wei graduated from Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences with a master’s degree and got his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Xi’an Jiao Tong university.
  • Founder, AxoMem
    Sean Whiteley is the Founder of Based in Singapore, AxoMem is building a new generation analytics platform that natively supports Intel® Optane™ Persistent Memory and large CPU core counts, while enabling 3D, VR and AR capable front-end interfaces. Sean recently implemented an in-memory IT monitoring, automation and 3D visualisation solution for a large automotive company, managing over 4,500 servers and 30,000 disks across APAC.