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7th BioCon China 2020 & Biotechnology Equipment and  Reagent Exhibition

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7th BioCon China 2020 & Biotechnology Equipment and  Reagent Exhibition

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7th BioCon China 2020 & Biotechnology Equipment and  Reagent Exhibition

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July 9

Next-gen Cell and Gene Therapy Discovery & Research

What you will learn:

★ R&D and technology progress of T cell, NK, TIL cell therapy

 The hottest screening, preparation and evaluation strategies for oncolytic virus

 Experience about R&D, transformation of gene therapy

 R&D, druggability and application of therapeutic vaccines

Who would attend:

 Management of biopharmaceutical and biotechnology companies: Head of early R&D, mechanism research, drug discovery, project survey and setting up department

 PI from Universities, research institutions and hospitals: Scientist majored in pharmacy, translational medicine, biology and life science

Oncolytic Virus CMC Research

What you will learn:

★ Technical requirements for quality control of gene therapy according to latest pharmacopoeia

 New methods for oncolytic virus CMC and impurity analysis identification and control to accelerate IND

 Best practice for upstream culture and downstream purification of oncolytic virus

 Aspetic productive process of virus therapy products

Who would attend:

 Head of quality research and analysis, process development and pharmacy administration department from oncolytic virus and gene therapy companies

 Head of process development, manufacturing, technology, quality analysis department form CDMO working on virus

Design of Clinical Trials and Quality Management of Biopharma

What you will learn:

★ Preclinical drug evaluation and accurate targets verification

 Research on innovative animal evaluation model and efficacy evaluation

 Global synchronous clinical R&D strategy and scheme design

 Regulatory guide for combination therapy and its latest progress

Who would attend:

 Head of clinical R&D, pharmacology, toxicology, clinical R&D, clinical medicine department from biopharmaceutical companies

 Head of RA department from biopharmaceutical companies

 PI from clinical trial organization and doctors majored in related indications

BioProcess Improvement and Change Management / BioProcess Characterization and Validation

What you will learn:

★ Latest interpretation of global guide for biotechnology process change

 Latest requirements of batch change, raw material, equipment, packaging material, technology for post-marketed biologics

 Experience of improvement and change for biologics process

 Characterization and continuous verification strategies for process of biologics

Who would attend:

 Head of optimization and amplification process department

 Head of technological transfer department

 Head of upstream and downstream process development department

★ Head of registration and application department

Novel Antibody Quality Characterization and Analysis

What you will learn:

★ Characterization and analysis of new complex antibody

 Characterization of antibody by cutting-edge detection technologies

 Quality analysis and control methods for residues during biopharmaceutical process

 Construction and management experience of key quality system for the R&D and release of new biologics

Who would attend:

 Head of quality analysis, analysis science department

 Head of production and QA/QC department