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During the 14th Five-Year Plan period, in terms of pharmaceutical innovation, with the acceleration of a new round of technological revolution and cross-border integration, deep integration of big data and artificial intelligence into various aspects of the pharmaceutical industry’s development, revolutionary new drug creation technologies, as well as innovative therapies and new types of drugs, continue to emerge. At the industrialization level, the new development stage also presents higher requirements for the pharmaceutical industry. It urgently needs to accelerate quality transformation, efficiency transformation, and power transformation, in order to provide strong support for constructing a new development paradigm. In terms of the objective environment, the pharmaceutical industry is subject to unpredictable ups and downs in the market and regulatory environment. How to find market opportunities amidst these changes has become a key issue.  Pharmaceutical professionals need to be adaptable to change in order to pursue excellence in the long run!

Based on this, BioCon China Expo 2024 the 11th International Biomedical Technology Exhibition, is scheduled to shine in Beijing on April 11-12, 2024. BioCon China will take the pulse of commercialization and internationalization trends in the biopharmaceutical products industry, track new developments in domestic and international regulations and applications, advance upstream and downstream supply chain collaboration and partnerships, and establish new benchmarks for investment and financing. The thematic discussions will comprehensively cover the field of biomedicine.

Hot Categories - Nucleic Acid Drugs, Gene Therapy, Cell Therapy, ADC Antibody Drugs, Protein Degradation Drugs, Peptide Drugs, Innovative Development Cases of Nuclear Medicine;  

Hot research and development technologies - AI+, tumor immunotherapy, high-end formulations, novel delivery carriers such as AAV/nanoparticles, synthetic biology, and evaluation technologies applied and transformed in the field; 

Hot process production technologies - intelligent manufacturing, QbD and PAT, sterile assurance, upstream and downstream process new technologies, construction of advanced therapy manufacturing facilities, localization and case sharing of domestic replacements.

The conference also integrates thematic forums, BioLeader closed-door meetings, advanced technology solution seminars, roundtable discussions on career development in the medical field, stand-up comedy by researchers, case sharing of BioCon Awards winners, project roadshows for investment and financing, cooperation and signing ceremonies, brainstorming sessions, and procurement team/one-on-one business negotiations, among more than ten diverse and colorful event formats, to promote the innovative transformation and high-quality development of the biopharmaceutical industry!


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