2020 International Conference on Defence Technology

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2020 ICDT Chairs

cn.png Feng Changgen:Professor of Beijing Institute of Technology

gb.png Clive Woodley:Visitor at Imperial College London

2020 ICDT Executive Chair

131851589556491.png Li Baoming:Professor,Nanjing University of Science and Technology

Principal Scientist, China Academy of Ordnance Science

2020 ICDT Board of Directors
gb.png Clive Woodley(President,UK)pl.png Adam Wisniewski(Poland)
ru.png Alexey Smolin(Russia)cn.png Chen Pengwan(China)
de.png Ernst-Christian Koch(Germany)za.png Frikkie Mostert(South Africa)
cn.png Li Baoming(China) us.png Irwin L. Singer(USA)
cn.png Xiao Chuan(China)

2020 ICDT Academic Advisory Committee

pl.png Adam Wisniewski (Poland)ru.png Alexandar Lukin  (Russia)ru.png Alexey Smolin (Russia)
131851589556491.png Chen Jun  (China)cn.png Chen Pengwan (China)131851589556491.png Chen Xiaowei(China)
gb.png Clive Woodley (UK)125257918556491.png Daniel Rittel (Israel)us.png Douglas Coldwell (USA)
131851589556491.png Hao Qun (China)in.png G.Magudeeswaran (India)za.png Gerald Nurick (South Africa)
us.png Irwin L. Singer (USA)kr.png Jack J. Yoh (Korea)131851589556491.png Li Baoming (China)
131851589556491.png Li Wei (China)131851589556491.png Liu Yan (China)it.png Marco Ceccarelli (Italy)
161226785556491.png Lugi T.Deluca (Italy)il.png Michael Gozin (Israel)fr.png Nicolas Eches  (France)
ru.png Nikolai Vladimirovich Lysenko (Russia)131851589556491.png Qi Feng (China)fr.png Rusinek Alexis (France)
Wech.png Shaker Meguid (Canada)131851589556491.png Shao Zhufeng (China ) 131851589556491.png Shen Ruiqi (China)
gb.png Simon Bland (UK)131851589556491.png Su Bo (China)2020 International Conference on Defence Technology Svatopluk Zeman (Czech Republic)
131851589556491.png Tan Ying (China)131851589556491.png Tian Xiaoyong (China)de.png Timon Rabczuk (Germany)
131851589556491.png Wang Huaming (China)131851589556491.png Wang Hongtao (China)131851589556491.png Xu Hong (China)
131851589556491.png Ye Hong (China)162114154556491.png Zhu Weijun(China)162114154556491.png Li Shukui (China)
162114154556491.png Cheng Xingwang (China) 162114154556491.png Ma Zhuang (China)131851589556491.png Feng Hao (China)
131851589556491.png Zhang Yong (China)162114154556491.png Chen Jianhua (China)162114154556491.png Fu Dongxiao (China)
162114154556491.png Wang Shu (China)162114154556491.png Jin Yongxi (China)162114154556491.png Yu Rui (China)
162114154556491.png Yan Wenmin (China)162114154556491.png Zhou Qiang (China)

Conference Beginning

14:00, 26th Oct. 2020, Beijing Time

Registration End

14:00, 29th Oct. 2020, Beijing Time
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