IES  Professional Development Sept, 2023

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IES  Professional Development Sept, 2023

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  • BiographySuzette Julien
    Suzette Julien
    Dr. Suzette Julien is a dedicated and committed educator who has been in the field of education over 30 years. Her teaching career began in the Boston Public School system and she found her way to the Caribbean where she implemented remedial reading programs for private local schools. Suzette’s international experience began at The International School of Port of Spain where she taught for two years and later became the first woman principal for the elementary school in over 20 years. She is a key member of the senior leadership team who has been the chair of myriad teams, for example, the K-12 Academic for Excellence Chair and School Development Committees. Suzette has been an advocate for professional teams, and coordinates Teachers Teaching Teachers (TTT)program because she promotes learning from each other. Moreover, Suzette has led her team through re-certification for international programs. Suzette’s tenure in education has afforded her to be the best she can be while making contributions to educational organizations. She has been on accreditation teams working in the United States in elementary and high schools. Additionally, Suzette has been a consultant for local schools in Trinidad and Tobago as well as an international school in Anguilla. Suzette has been the coordinator and supervisor for student teachers who want an international experience. These student teachers were from local and United States University and Colleges. In addition, Suzette facilitates undergraduate and graduate programs at the local university.
  • Differentiated Learning in an Academic Diverse Classroom

    In each classroom, there are diverse learners who require varied approaches to learning in order to meet their learning needs to be successful in the classroom. Differentiated classrooms require learning experiences that are meaningful, engaging, and interesting to students. Teachers offer different approaches to what students learn, how they learn, and how they demonstrate what they have learned. Differentiated instruction provides equity and excellence in the classroom.


    During this workshop, participants will:

    ●      Develop their understanding of the purpose for differentiating learning in a diverse classroom to leverage learning for every learner

    ●      Reflect on our beliefs, practices, and role in a learner-centered, differentiation classroom and their own practices in the classroom

    ●      Develop a broader repertoire of management strategies for guiding a flexible and differentiated classroom

    ●      Identify the next steps for differentiating learning within your own learning spaces.

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