Approaches to Agency

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Approaches to Agency

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Approaches to Agency

About this workshop:

Through the two-day workshop, participants will explore the Primary framework and ascertain how agency are recognized and developed in a school. Participants will be supported in their understanding of learning and teaching in a transdisciplinary, concept-driven curriculum and how to design and implement in the school context. This workshop will invite participants to inquire into their own teaching practices and reflect on how they can develop the capabilities of a Primary teacher.

Participants will:

  • integrate transdisciplinary and disciplinary concepts, knowledge, and skills in a way that supports a coherent learning experience for students.

  • situate learning in global contexts that support students' understanding of human commonalities (for example, through transdisciplinary themes).

  • support students to initiate and engage in their own inquiries.

  • promote student reflection and action in response to their learning.

  • establish, engage, and maintain collaborative relationships that support the well-being of the learning community.

  • select teaching approaches, resources, technologies, learning experiences, and assessments that are inclusive and effective for diverse students. 

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