[May 25 | Beijing] 五悦节 Wuyue Festival

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慈善跳蚤市场 | Charity Flea Market

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  • 筹集的善款将直接捐赠给慈善项目

  • 捐赠仪式结束后,我们将在德国商会的官方微信公众号上公布所有参与者的名字和捐赠发票

  • 仅限个人参与

This year, the German Chamber of Commerce in China - North China will hold the Wuyue Festival on May 25 at Wangjing Sports Park, Chaoyang, Beijing.

As a highlight of this event, a cross-cultural charity flea market will be held to raise funds for Children in need! Together with expat communities and local communities, the German Chamber of Commerce in China - North China has been supporting local charities throughout the years. This year again, we call for your support and thank you for your kindness! Besides the charity flea market, you will also find many other fun activities at our Wuyue Festival. We look forward to spending a fun and meaningful day with you all!

  • All raised funds will directly donate to the charity project.

  • After the donation ceremony, we will announce all names and a scanned copy of Fapiao on the German Chamber’s Official WeChat account.

  • Only availble for individuals.

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时间 | Time 

2024/05/25 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

地点 | Address     

望京体育公园 | Wangjing Sports Park


费用构成 | Fee: RMB 100

  • 摊位费100元 (全部捐作慈善) | RMB 100 (all for charity)

  • 如果您当天无法出席,摊位费将捐作慈善 | If you don’t show up on the event day, your ticket will be donated to the charity.

  • 摊位收入去向由您自行决定,您可以捐作慈善,也可算作收入 | You have complete control over the destination of the booth's income. You can choose to donate it to charity or treat it as personal income.

  • 仅限个人参与 | Only available for individuals

  • 如报名摊位总数不足10个,则取消该活动,上交费用原路返还到您的账户 | If the total number of registered booths is less than 10, the event will be canceled, and the fees will be refunded to your account in the original payment method.


请勿携带和售卖: 危险物品、刀具、动物、用于售卖的食品饮料等 | No dangerous items, knives, animals, food and drinks for sale, etc.   


报名截止 | Registration deadline:2024/05/23

联系人 | Contact:肖女士 | Ms. Xiao

+86-10-6539 6665 | chamber-north-support2@china.ahk.de 

关于慈善机构爱百福 Charity Project Bethel


爱百福由吉勇(Guillaume)和李香梅(Delphine Gauvain)夫妇于2003年创办。当时这对夫妇参观了中国各地孤儿院并发现盲童孤儿非常需要专业特殊教育关怀。爱百福的使命是,通过创造安全的、充满爱的,以及新鲜的环境,帮助各年龄段孤儿(视障)成长,让他们能够开怀大笑,并体验生命为他们提供的一切美好。




About Bethel

"Bethel was founded in 2003 by Guillaume and Delphine Gauvain who saw gaps in the care of blind children throughout orphanages in China. By providing a safe, loving and stimulating environment, Bethel's mission is to help VI (Visually Impaired) orphans of all ages grow, laugh and experience everything life has to offer.

Bethel opened its first foster home and school in 2003 with just 3 children. Over the last 15 years, we've had more than 138 adoptions and 328 orphans cared for and educated in our centers. We know that a family structure is essential to the healthy development of children, so we strive to create the family unit within our centers by pairing each child with a small group of nannies and teachers that act as their consistent caregivers. In this way, we can build a foundation of trust and continuously work to see our children flourish."

Find out more about Bethel here: https://www.bethelchina.org/


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