[May 25 | Beijing] 五悦节 Wuyue Festival

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五悦节 Wuyue Festival

时间:2024年5月25日,星期六,9AM - 5PM

Time: 9AM - 5PM, SAT, 2024/05/25


Location: Shoukai Wangjing Sports Park

Free Admission 免门票入场!

中国德国商会-东北及华北地区将携手望京于5月25号举办第二届五悦节。五悦节是一场兼顾玩乐和美食的感官盛筵。我们不仅提供各式各样的食品饮品, 全天候的☞慈善跳蚤市场,☞儿童足球学校,还有惊险刺激的☞德国足球赛,舒缓身心的多项互动娱乐项目等。




五月节是一个历史悠久的欧洲传统节日,起初是庆祝春天的到来,纵享狂欢的盛日。五月的欧洲,空气中弥漫着清新的青草香气,人们畅快的笑声回荡在大街小巷。作为官方机构,中国德国商会把五月节的欢乐与惬意,从欧洲带到了北京,打造了独具特色的IP - “五悦节”。目的是倡导大众亲近自然,体验健康积极的生活方式。

The German Chamber of Commerce in China - North China will join hands with Wangjing to hold the second Wuyue Festival on May 25th. Wuyue Festival is a sensory feast that caters to both entertainment and food. We offer a wide variety of food and drinks, an all-day ☞Charity Flea Market,  ☞Kids Soccer School, relaxing outdoor events, ☞ German Soccer Championship and many more activities for all people!


Wuyue Festival offers you an unforgettable time! Immerse yourself in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, unwind your body and mind, and enjoy a unique experience. Whether you savor various delicious cuisines or participate in diverse activities, everyone can find their own way to unwind here. Let's gather at Wuyue Festival and create wonderful memories of our own.


Wuyue Festival is a long-standing European traditional festival, originally celebrating the arrival of spring. In May, the air in Europe is filled with the fresh scent of grass, and people's laughter echoes in the streets. As an official institution, the German Chamber of Commerce has brought the joy and comfort of this Festival from Europe to Beijing, creating a unique IP - "Wuyue Festival". The aim is to encourage people to get close to nature and experience a healthy and positive lifestyle.



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[May 25 | Beijing] 五悦节 Wuyue Festival
[May 25 | Beijing] 五悦节 Wuyue Festival
[May 25 | Beijing] 五悦节 Wuyue Festival

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