[Fully Booked | Apr 25 | Chengdu] GCC Insight Tour: Airbus Lifecycle Services Center

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Airbus Aircraft Lifecycle Services Centre (hereinafter referred to as “ALSC”) is located in Shuangliu District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, next to the second runway of Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, covering an area of 690,000 square metres, with 125 planned aircraft parking slots and two hangars capable of storing 2 A380s. ALSC is composed of Airbus (Chengdu) Lifecycle Services Ltd. and Satair (Chengdu) Co., Ltd. 

The centre is the first of its kind established by Airbus globally, providing one-stop service for aircrafts of all ages, covering aircraft parking and storage, maintenance and repair, upgrade and modification, dismantling and recycling, and distribution of used serviceable aviation materials. In early January 2024, ALSC was authorised by CAAC and EASA to carry out 24-month check of A320 CEO, 6-month check of A320 NEO, parking and storage and engine swap services for the above-mentioned aircraft types. 

During this visit, Mr. Brian AGNEW, General Manager of ALS, and Mr. Felix YANG,GM Executive Assistant & HO Strategy and Business Development, will lead us to gain a deep understanding of Airbus and its service center. Welcome to join us.


中心为空客在全球设立的首个覆盖飞机停放存储、维护维修、升级改装、拆解回收和二手可用航材分销的面向各机龄阶段飞机的一站式服务中心。2024年1月初,中心顺利取得中国民航局和欧洲航空安全局维修许可证,可开展 A320 CEO的24月检、A320 NEO的6月检和上述机型的停放存储及发动机更换业务。

此次探访,ALS总经理Brian AGNEW先生以及总经理助理兼战略及业务发展负责人Felix YANG先生将带领我们深入了解空客公司以及服务中心,欢迎加入。


Time & Venue: 

Time:15:00-17:00, Thursday, Apr 25, 2024


Venue:Reception Room, 2nd Floor, B01, No. 599 Guangmu Road, Shuangliu District Chengdu.




3:00-3:30pm  Separate Arrival and Registration 自行抵达&签到

3:30-3:32pm  Welcoming Remarks by Executive Director and Board Member of the German Chamber of Commerce in China - South & Southwest China – Mr. Martin Klose 中国德国商会华南及西南区执行董事兼董事会成员马廷坤先生致欢迎辞

3:32-3:35pm  Opening Address by Consul General of Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Chengdu - Mr. Aron Mir Haschemi 德国驻成都领事馆总领事密安龙先生致开幕辞

3:35-4:00pm  Introduction by General Manager of Airbus (Chengdu) Lifecycle Services Ltd.- Mr. Brian AGNEW. ALS总经理Brian AGNEW先生介绍中心情况

4:00-4:45pm  Insight tour guided by GM Executive Assistant & HO Strategy and Business Development of ALS-Mr. Felix YANG ALS总经理助理兼战略及业务发展负责人杨树栋先生做现场参观讲解

4:45-5:00pm Free Discussion & Group Photo 自由讨论 & 合影 

Please Note:

1.     There are only 20 seats provided. Each company is limited to 2 attendees only. Applications are subject to approval by the organizer. 

活动名额有限,仅20个限定席位,每家企业限2位参与者。 报名须经主办方审核。

2.   Airbus (Chengdu) Lifecycle Services Ltd. reserves the right to deny entry to competitors. The organizer reserves the right of final participation and interpretation. 



Registration Deadline: By 11:30am, Mon, Apr 22, 2024 


A“Stammtisch”event on the same day has been planned,we advise you to save your date and register accordingly for deeper communication. 当天晚上还有“固定餐桌”聚会活动,欢迎报名参加。

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1. Fapiao will be sent to you digitally to your registered email address in 14 working days after the event. 


2. For any enquiries, please contact the Event Manager Annie Wang via wang.annie@china.ahk.de or call 028-85336841.


About Airbus (Chengdu) Lifecycle Services Ltd. 企业简介


ALSC focuses on aircraft parking and storage, dismantling and recycling, and distribution of used serviceable aviation materials, fully meeting the needs of airlines and leasing companies for phase-out, subleasing and end-of-lease aircraft. For phase-out aircraft, the centre uses Tarmac Aerosave's patented technology to achieve a world-leading disassembly and recycling rate that exceeds 90% of the aircraft weight, while meeting European environmental standards. At the same time, benefiting from the global sales network of Satair, ALSC provides targeted services to customers, including the acquisition of ageing aircraft, marketing and distribution of used serviceable aviation materials.

In early January 2024, ALSC was authorised by CAAC and EASA to carry out 24-month check of A320 CEO, 6-month check of A320 NEO, parking and storage and engine swap services for the above-mentioned aircraft types. Framework cooperation agreements with several clients such as Juneyao Air Co., Ltd, Tianjin ExecuJet Haite Aviation Services China Company and ICBC Aviation Leasing Co., Ltd. were also signed at the time. In 2024, we plan to obtain further authorisations for the 6-month and 24-month checks of A330 CEO, the 24-month check of A320 NEO, the dismantling of A330 and A320, the 48-month check of B737 NG and the AS9110 certification.

The operation of the ALSC follows European environmental standards. Throughout parking, maintenance, engine run-up and dismantling of aircraft, sustainable development and scientific management methods are the guiding principles, and a section-specific management system is in place to minimise waste and pollution. Qualified waste management companies are commissioned to recycle the final waste, ensuring all waste treatment is traceable and the final waste that needs to be landfilled will not exceed 5% by weight. In addition, through the reuse of second-hand aviation materials, solid waste is reduced. This not only responds to the low-carbon circular development strategy of the civil aviation industry, but also promotes the development of a green civil aviation system. Our commitment to ecological protection and sustainable development demonstrates our responsibility as an industry-leading enterprise.

The establishment of the ALSC is an example of Airbus' vision: “We pioneer sustainable aerospace for a safe and united world”, while also responding to national planning such as the “14th Five-Year Plan for Civil Aviation Development” and the “14th Five-Year Plan Green Development of Civil Aviation”. Moreover, ALSC also creates further win-win opportunities with local partners through business model innovation.

空中客车(成都)飞机全生命周期中心以停放存储、拆解回收和二手可用航材分销作为重点服务内容,充分满足航空公司以及租赁公司的退役、转租、退租飞机的停放存储、维护和处置需求。针对退役飞机,中心使用Tarmac Aerosave的专利技术,在满足欧洲环保标准的前提下,实现全球领先的拆解回收率,可达飞机重量90%以上。同时依靠欧航航材的全球销售网络,向客户有针对性地提供老龄飞机收购、二手航材市场推广及分销等服务。

2024年1月初,中心顺利取得中国民航局和欧洲航空安全局维修许可证,可开展 A320 CEO的24月检、A320 NEO的6月检和上述机型的停放存储及发动机更换业务,并已与吉祥航空、天津宜捷海特和工银航空金租等公司签署框架合作协议。同时本年度将计划陆续申请 A330 CEO的6月检和24月检、A320 NEO的24月检、A330和A320的拆解、B737 NG的48月检和AS9110认证。


中心的建立谨遵空中客车的目标:“We pioneer sustainable aerospace for a safe and united world(引领航空航天业可持续发展,让世界更安全、联结更紧密)”,同时响应了《“十四五”民用航空发展规划》及《“十四五”民航绿色发展专项规划》等国家规划号召,并通过业务模式的创新拓宽了与本地合作伙伴的共赢渠道。

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