2019 4th LS-DYNA User’s conference

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Conference announcement

       With the rapid development of CAE technologies, LS-DYNA has been widely used and recognized as the most famous finite element software in vehicle industry, die &tooling, aerospace and electronics industries, etc. LSTC is famous for its finite element software including LS-DYNA®, LS-PrePost®, LS-OPT® , etc. The 4th China LS-DYNA Users' Conference will be held in Shanghai  on  21st - 23rd October, 2019. 

       LSTC will share the latest product function and development strategy during the conference. We will invite domestic and foreign experts, developers from LSTC, and customers to share their experience and successful cases with LS-DYNA, to discuss the latest features and developments in LS-DYNA, and to explore industrial development trends.

Hosts:Livermore Software Technology Corp. USA

             Shanghai Fangkun Software Technology Ltd. China
             Dalian Fukun Technology Development Corp. China

Date: October 21st- 23rd, 2019
Training: There will have pre and post-conference training classes being held on Oct. 21st, 24th and 25th.
Pullman Shanghai South Hotel
                 No.1 Pubei Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai, China, 200235       

Participant Fee: CNY 1000 per person for regular attendees and CNY 500 for academic.

Contacts: Elva Yu        Tel:18221209107

        This conference aims to promote the interaction and communication among the developers, experts, and end users. We would like to invite you cordially to this event, and are  looking forward to your attendance and paper submission.
LS-DYNA Agents and partners are very welcome to attend and exhibit your product and service.
        If you need the invitation letter by mail  or have any questions about this conference, please contact us.


Speakers Introduction
  • Member of National Academy of Engineering, Founder and President of LSTC.John O. Hallquist, Ph.D.
    John O. Hallquist, Ph.D.
    Member of National Academy of Engineering, Founder and President of LSTC.
    Dr. John O. Hallquist is a member of National Academy of Engineering, founder and president of LSTC. Dr Hallquist entered Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory to work on DYNA in 1974 after his doctorate degree in Michigan Technological University. After his pioneering works in explicit finite element method, especially on the effective contact-impact algorithms, DYNA was soon found in universities and industry and government laboratories throughout the world. Dr. Hallquist founded Livermore Software Technology Corporation on 1987 to give birth to the commercialized DYNA code LS-DYNA. Now twenty-eight years later, LS-DYNA is dominantly used in various of industrial fields such as auto crash, manufacturing, molding, aeronautical and aerospace, bioengineering. Dr. Hallquist's distinguished contributions to explicit nonlinear finite element method are widely recognized. He was elected a member of National Academy of Engineering in 2007. LSTC's product line includes LS-DYNA, LS-PrePost, LS-OPT and LS-TASC. LS-DYNA has already become the mostly used engineering code in various structural nonlinear dynamic analyses. Its usage is rapidly growing accompanied by its continuing innovations and expansions in new engineering fields. These innovations have been driven by the willing to satisfy user needs and facilitated by close cooperation with leading universities and institutions throughout the world.
  • Walter P. Murphy Professor of Northwestern UniversityProf.  Wing Kam Liu
    Prof. Wing Kam Liu
    Walter P. Murphy Professor of Northwestern University
    Professor Wing Kam Liu is the Walter P. Murphy Professor of Northwestern University, Director of Global Center on Advanced Material Systems and Simulation, Past President of the International Association for Computational Mechanics (IACM), Past Chair (2017-2018) (Chair 2015-2016) of the US National Committee on TAM and Member of Board of International Scientific Organizations, both within the US National Academies. Selected synergistic activities includes the development of ICME multiscale theories, methods, and software with experimental validations for the analysis, design and manufacture of engineering material systems, materials design, advanced and additive manufacturing; and technology transfer. He has over 38 years of engineering and manufacturing consulting, including a broad array of companies and industries, small businesses, and international corporations. Liu’s selected honors include Japan Society of Computational Engineering Sciences Grand Prize; Computational Mechanics Award from Japanese Society of Mechanical Engineers; Honorary Professorship from Dalian University of Technology, IACM Gauss-Newton Medal (highest honor) and Computational Mechanics Award; ASME Dedicated Service Award, ASME Robert Henry Thurston Lecture Award, ASME Gustus L. Larson Memorial Award, ASME Pi Tau Sigma Gold Medal and ASME Melville Medal; John von Neumann Medal (highest honor) and Computational Structural Mechanics Award from the US Association of Computational Mechanics (USACM). He was the founding Director of the NSF Summer Institute on Nano Mechanics and Materials and Founding Chair of the ASME NanoEngineering Council. He is the editor of two International Journals and honorary editor of two journals and has been a consultant for more than 20 organizations. Liu has written four books; and he is a Fellow of ASME, ASCE, USACM, AAM, and IACM.
  • Ph.D., Senior Engineer, Director of SV Dept. SMTCZhenliang Lou, Ph.D.
    Zhenliang Lou, Ph.D.
    Ph.D., Senior Engineer, Director of SV Dept. SMTC
    Dr. Lou graduated with his Ph.D. degree from Shanghai Jiaotong University in 1998 and now he is Director of SV Dept. SAIC Motor Technical Center(SMTC). Dr. Lou was a lecturer with Shanghai Jiaotong University, 1998-2004, and Virtual Technology Manager with Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center(PATAC), 2004-2007. Since 2007 Dr. Lou has been successively held the posts of Chief Engineer and Department Director in SMTC, and is mainly engaged in developing vehicle virtual products, crash and safety CAE analysis and research of experimental techniques.
  • Chief Scientist of Chinese Aeronautical Establishment, Shanghai BranchShoufeng Hu, Ph.D.
    Shoufeng Hu, Ph.D.
    Chief Scientist of Chinese Aeronautical Establishment, Shanghai Branch
    Dr. Shoufeng Hu is currently working for Chinese Aeronautical Establishment, Shanghai Branch, as a Chief Scientist, in charge of the research and development of the composite materials for aerospace applications. He has many years of experience in composite research for commercial aircraft engines. His research interests include micro-mechanics, damage accumulation modeling, and multi-scale damage simulations for the woven composites under impact. In the meantime, he is also involved in research activities as well as engineering applications for structural vibration, high cycle and low cycle fatigue, and damage evaluation of the composite structures.
  • Ph. D., Postdoctoral, Senior Engineer, Director of China FAW R&D Center CAE Research InstituteCao Zhenglin, Ph. D.
    Cao Zhenglin, Ph. D.
    Ph. D., Postdoctoral, Senior Engineer, Director of China FAW R&D Center CAE Research Institute
    Cao Zhenglin, Ph. D., Postdoctoral, Senior Engineer, Director of China FAW R&D Center CAE Research Institute, Senior Manager, focused on the vehicle safety & durability CAE research, member of the National Digital Design and Manufacturing Innovation Alliance Expert Committee, Academic Leader of durability and safety field in the State Key Laboratory of Comprehensive Technology on Automobile Vibration and Noise & Safety Control.
  • PhD in Metallurgy, Tokyo University,President of Japan Chinese Society of Automotive EngineersPing Xin, Ph.D.
    Ping Xin, Ph.D.
    PhD in Metallurgy, Tokyo University,President of Japan Chinese Society of Automotive Engineers
    PhD in Metallurgy, Tokyo University, Tokyo, Japan M.A in Metal Forming, Beijing Iron and Steel University, Beijing, China B.A in Metallurgy, Anshan Iron and Steel University, Anshan, China Served as a CAE specialist, in Toshiba Group (Toshiba Ceramics Company and Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation) for almost 30 years, and gained his wide experience in the design of products and their manufacturing covering material field such as metal, ceramics and semiconductor silicon, and machinery field such as medical systems (vibration) with CAE technologies. A qualified CAE senior analyst from the Japan Society of Machinery Engineers, and international CAE senior analyst from NAFEMS. Served as guest professor in many universities, such as Liaoning University of Science and Technology, Beijing University of Science and Technology, National Key Lab. of New Ceramics in Tsinghua University, Tokai University and Institute of Technologists, etc. Engaged in social service works such as a judge for Ministry of Education, Ministry of Science and Technology (China), and as a president of Japan Chinese Society of Automotive Engineers.
  • Blasting analysis expert from SwebrecChangping Yi, Ph.D.
    Changping Yi, Ph.D.
    Blasting analysis expert from Swebrec
    Changping Yi is a senior lecturer in Mining and Rock Engineering, Division of Mining and Geotechnical Engineering& Swedish blasting research center (Swebrec). He earned his Phd degree from Wuhan University in 2005. His research interests are numerical modelling related to blasting, non-ideal detonation of explosives and the interaction between stress waves and underground openings.
  • Senior engineer from LSTCIsheng Yeh, Ph.D.
    Isheng Yeh, Ph.D.
    Senior engineer from LSTC
    Dr. Isheng Yeh received his PhD. on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics from Northwestern University in 1992. Before joining LSTC in 2007 as a developer, he was a project engineer with General Motors, 1994~2000, and a technical specialist with Ford Motors, 2000~2007. In LSTC, Dr. Yeh works on the development of contact algorithm, isogeometric analysis, control volume airbag, seat belt, sensor, piezoelectric material and new element formulation. Beside, he also develops the Abaqus and Radioss translator for ls-prepost. Also, he was involved in axisymmetric SPH development.
  • Senior Engineer from LSTCJason Wang, Ph.D.
    Jason Wang, Ph.D.
    Senior Engineer from LSTC
    Dr. Jason Wang, LSTC Senior Software Engineer. Jason received his Ph.D. degree from UC Berkeley in 1988 and has joined LSTC since 1997. He is responsible for enabling LS-DYNA explicit MPP (Massive Parallel Processing) solver. His research and development are focused on developing Contact and FSI (fluid-structure interaction) algorithms, and ALE, SPH, CPM, PBM and DEM solvers. These capabilities are tightly integrated not only to be used in coupled multiphysics analysis but also executed efficiently on distributed computers. In view of the increases in complexity and size of engineering models in recent years, he also devotes his efforts to developing LS-DYNA HYBRID technology to improve scalability for growing demand on computing power. He is a member of SAE international and obtained Vincent Bendix Automotive Electronics Engineering Award in 2012.
  • Senior engineer from LSTCYun Huang, Ph.D.
    Yun Huang, Ph.D.
    Senior engineer from LSTC
    Dr. Yun Huang graduated from the department of Civil Engineering, University of Minnesota in 2006. He joined LSTC as a senior scientist / software developer in 2006, and has been working on the Research and code development of frequency domain analysis functionalities in LS-DYNA since then. He has developed a series of frequency domain features in LS-DYNA such as FRF, SSD, random vibration, response spectrum analysis, acoustic analysis based on FEM and BEM and fatigue analysis. These features can find important application in many industry fields, including NVH of vehicles; noise simulation of engines; numerical simulation of shaker table testing; durability analysis of metal structures; acoustic property analysis of sports equipment and seismic analysis of civil and hydraulic structures and nuclear powerplants.
  • Senior Scientist from LSTCBo Ren, Ph.D.
    Bo Ren, Ph.D.
    Senior Scientist from LSTC
    Dr. Ren joined LSTC in 2014 and is currently a Senior Scientist and Team Leader leading an advanced material research team in Computational and Multiscale Mechanics Group (CMMG). The CMMG focuses on the development of advanced numerical methods including adaptive FEM/EFG, SPG, Peridynamics, RVE, Fluid Particle Method, MEFEM, SPH and XFEM for modeling challenging industrial applications in material, manufacturing and structural simulations across different scales. Dr. Ren received his doctoral degree from Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST) in 2003 and was an Associated Professor at the same school from 2005 to 2008. He was a project scientist at UC Berkeley from 2009 to 2013. Dr. Ren has published over thirty peer-reviewed journal articles. He has been the member of U.S. Association for Computational Mechanics (USACM) since 2009. Dr. Ren serves as an editorial board member for one international journal and has been the committee member for several USACM workshops.
  • Senior engineer from LSTCJin Wu, Ph.D.
    Jin Wu, Ph.D.
    Senior engineer from LSTC
    Dr. Jin Wu received his Ph.D from University of Cincinnati, and has eighteen years of working experience with stamping manufacturing in DaimlerChrysler Corporation and major Chinese Automobile OEMs, specializing in metal forming simulation, stamping die development, lightweight body design and utilization of advanced materials & manufacturing processes. He joined LSTC in 2018 to work on technical innovations and support of LS-DYNA stamping applications.
  • Senior engineer from DLFKWenhui Yu
    Wenhui Yu
    Senior engineer from DLFK
    Graduated from Dalian University of Technology with a master degree of engineering mechanics in 2006, major in Finite Element Mesh Generation and Optimization. Being a visiting scholar in Earth Science Computation Center of University of Queensland in Australia from 2006 to 2008, main task is Tetrahedron Mesh Generation for Arbitrary Boundary. Since 2008, he’s been working at LSTC office in Dalian as a Technical Manager, his team mainly focus on the development, maintenance and support of LS-PrePost.
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    2019 4th LS-DYNA User’s conference
    2019 4th LS-DYNA User’s conference
    2019 4th LS-DYNA User’s conference
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    2019 4th LS-DYNA User’s conference
    2019 4th LS-DYNA User’s conference
    2019 4th LS-DYNA User’s conference
    2019 4th LS-DYNA User’s conference
    2019 4th LS-DYNA User’s conference
    2019 4th LS-DYNA User’s conference
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