The 7th International Conference on Smart Materials and Nanotechnology in Engineering (SMN 2019)

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Smart materials are an important type of materials capable of self-sensing, control and actuation functions, which have been widely applied in in many fields like aerospace, aviation, warship, architecture, civil engineering, and advanced manufacturing. With the rapid development of nanotechnology, the hybrid combination of nanomaterials and smart materials is emerging as a hot and frontier topic in recent years, and related research and applications in intelligent bionics, biomedicine, robotics, flexible electronics and etc. continues fast growth. 

SMN2019 is 7th of the series of successful international conferences that encompasses and bridges the rapidly evolving smart materials and the cutting-edge nanotechnology for various applications. This conference has been promoted since 2007 by Prof. Shanyi Du and Prof. Jinsong Leng, from Harbin Institute of Technology (China). Past Conference venues have been Harbin (China, 2007), Weihai (China, 2009), Shenzhen (China, 2011), Gold Coast (Australia, 2013), Vancouver (Canada, 2015) and Madrid (Spain, 2017). 

Professional exhibition will be held during SMN2019 and we are honored to invite variety of national and international companies and institutions to join this exhibition. The following booth plan are for the enterprises who are interested in this exhibition, contact us now if you are intended to be one of the exhibitors!

The standard booth


 Conference arrangement

Venue: Shangri-la hotel, Harbin

Schedule: September 20, 2019 to September 24, 2019

  Contact Us

Contacts: Rui Dai;   Nuo Xu

Telephone: 18845611474; 18804631239

Email address:;

Address: building A, Science Park, Nangang District, Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province











联系人:代锐   徐诺

电话:18845611474   18804631239




 Sponsorship program

    Diamond sponsor :(100,000 yuan)

1. The company name and LOGO can be printed on the background board of the registration desk and the neck band worn by the badge;

2. Advertisement for registration desk and dining area (the design and production cost of the advertisement shall be provided by the sponsor);

3. Give two standard booths (each 4 ㎡), attending two places;

4. The conference website can link to the LOGO of the sponsor;

5. Put the promotional materials of sponsors in the information bag, and 1 advertising insert page of the conference manual (both positive and negative);

6. Other sponsorship rights can be negotiated flexibly.

☆ Gold sponsor :(50,000 yuan)

1. The company name and LOGO can be printed on the background board of the registration desk;

2. Advertising of the dining venue (the advertising design and production costs shall be provided by the sponsors);

3. The present standard booths 1 (each 4 ㎡), participant number 1;

4. The conference website can link to the LOGO of the sponsor;

5. Put promotional materials of sponsors and advertising leaflets in the conference brochure in the information bag;

6. Other sponsorship rights can be negotiated flexibly.

※ Standard booth :(8000 yuan)

1. 2 meters *2 meters standard booth;

2. One table, two chairs;

3. 4-day working meal for 2 staff (breakfast not included, lunch and dinner only, in the form of box lunch or casual dining); 

※ Conference manual

1. Back cover 5000 yuan;

2. Insert 3,000 yuan.



1.       获得大会“钻石赞助商”称号,单位名称及LOGO可印在注册台背景板和胸卡佩戴的颈带上;

2.       注册台及用餐场地广告(广告设计及制作费用由赞助商提供);

3.       赠送标准展位2个(每个4㎡),参会名额2个;

4.       会议网站可链接赞助单位LOGO

5.       参会资料袋中放置赞助单位宣传资料,会议手册广告插页1页(正反两面);

6.       其他赞助权益可灵活协商。


1.       获得大会“黄金赞助商”称号,单位名称及LOGO可印在注册台背景板上;

2.       用餐场地广告(广告设计及制作费用由赞助商提供);

3.       赠送标准展位1个(每个4㎡),参会名额1个;

4.       会议网站可链接赞助单位LOGO

5.       参会资料袋中放置赞助单位宣传资料,会议手册广告插页单页;

6.       其他赞助权益可灵活协商。


1.       2*2米标准展位;

2.       一张桌子,两把椅子;

3.       2个工作人员4天的工作餐(不包含早餐,只包含午餐及晚餐,以盒饭或简餐形式);


1.       封底5000元;

2.       插页3000

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