The 7th International Conference on Smart Materials and Nanotechnology in Engineering (SMN 2019)

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Technical Visits

SMN2019 Technology Tour

Time: 13:30 PM, September 23, 2019;The tour ends at 4:30-5:00 and arrives at Harbin international airport at 6:00.

Entry requirements:

The name;Work unit;Electronic version of passport (Chinese citizen/id card);

Available tour routes (1 of 3)

Visit destinations (Seats are limited on a first come, first serve basis) :

1. Harbin Steam Turbine Factory + Harbin Electric Machinery Factory (Chinese or foreign participants, No photographs) : 90 people,14km, 40min

2. Harbin Electric carbon Company (Only Chinese citizens, No photographs) : 45 people, 22km, 40min

3. Harbin beer museum (Chinese or foreign participants,  Payment of  the admission fee of 45 RMB) : 90 people, 27km, 60min

You should download the attached ‘SMN2019 Technology Tour Registration Form’, and send it to us via the or

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1.      哈汽 + 哈电: 90人(中国或国外参会人员均可,不能拍照): 14km, 40min 

2.      电碳厂(只能是中国公民,不能拍照):45人:  22km,  40min 

3.      哈啤博物馆(中国或国外参会人员均可,可以拍照,自己负担门票45元人民币):90人  27km, 60min 

Technical Visits of SMN2019


Harbin Electric Corporation

Harbin Electric Corporation (HE) is evolved from six projects of China’s 156 key construction projects aided by former USSR during the period of China’s first Five-Year Plan. Established by reorganizing Harbin’s Three Power Factories (Harbin Boiler Co., Ltd, Harbin Turbine Co, Ltd, Harbin Electric Machinery Co., Ltd,), it is China’s earliest R&D and manufacturing base of power generation equipment. Now HE has become one of the 52 state-owned backbone enterprises that concern national security and the lifelines of the national economy.

HE now boasts a national enterprise technical center, 3 national engineering research centers (National Engineering Research Center of Hydropower Equipment, National Engineering Research Center of Power Generation Equipment, and National Engineering Research Center of Explosion-Proof Electric Machines), 2 national key laboratories (National Key Laboratory of Hydro-Electric Power, National Key Laboratory of High-Efficiency and Clean Coal-Fired Power Plant Boiler), 4 postdoctoral workstations and 2 academician workstations. By the end of 2016, HE has obtained 1,934 patents in force, including 386 patents for invention.

HE has independently researched and developed a series of products advanced internationally, including efficient 1000MW-level secondary reheat ultra-super-critical unit, 600MW and 1000MW super and ultra-super-critical thermal power units of multiple furnace types, multiple arrangement modes and different fuels; world highest-capacity 800MW fully air-cooling mixed-flow water turbine, 375MW pumped storage aggregate; AP1000 3D nuclear power steam generator, international first AP1000 steam turbine generator unit, China’s first set of 1million kW pressurized water reactor shaft-seal coolant pump through domesticization, sample of main helium fan electromagnetic bearing of high-temperature gas-cooled nuclear power station, and CAP1400 nuclear-power main pump motor. At the same time, it has also formed a new pattern of virtuous development of thermal power, hydro power, nuclear power and gas-fired power, and realized leap forward from “Made by HE” to “Created by HE”.

During the Technical Visits in SMN2019, we will Visit its main branches, namely Harbin Turbine Co, Ltd, Harbin Electric Machinery Co., Ltd.





Harbin Electric Carbon Company

Harbin Electric Carbon Company (HECC) was built in 1956, which is one of the 156 key projects assisted by the former Soviet union during the national "first Five-Year Plan" period. It is the designated unit for the design, development, research and production of graphite materials for aerospace and aviation and brushes for aviation motor. HECC mainly produces 10 categories, 28 series and 146 varieties of products, such as aerospace graphite, aviation motor brush, traction motor brush, electric locomotive slide plate, high purity graphite and special graphite, mechanical carbon and mechanical seal. More than 20 products have won domestic, provincial and municipal quality product awards. HECC is the designated manufacturer of railway, aerospace brush, electric locomotive immersion metal slide plate.




The Harbin Beer Museum

The Harbin beer museum, adjacent to the new factory, was officially opened on September 20, 2014, with a total investment of 12 million dollars and an area of more than 7,000 square meters. In 2015, an additional investment of 20 million RMB was added to the craft beer line equipment, enabling citizens and tourists to taste authentic craft beer here. Harbin beer museum is currently the largest beer experience hall in China, which is also another "City Card" of ice city after Harbin international ice and snow festival.  

Harbin beer experience hall has three floors, with three themes, classic; experience; total appreciation. Using innovative high-tech technology and multimedia interactive devices, vivid restore the history of beer, interesting show beer culture, convey unique beer enjoyment, committed to bring consumers the coolest brand experience. With its unique brand creativity and cultural depth, Harbin beer experience hall becomes a new tourist attraction in Harbin.




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